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Arizona Divorce Attorneys.

Arizona Divorce Attorneys.

The Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona divorce attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC focus on divorce and family law cases. Our focus on divorce and family law allows our Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona divorce lawyers to get our clients the best outcomes in their divorce cases.

Divorce is a very emotional time. It is also one of the most important times in your life. A divorce can have a big impact on your life. It can also have a big impact on your children.

Our Arizona divorce law firm uses a very organized and comprehensive approach for all of our clients’ cases. Contact us if you are searching for a divorce attorney in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona. If you have asked yourself how do I find a good divorce attorney in Arizona you have come to the right place.

So, how are we different than other Arizona divorce law firms? The answer is simple. Our Arizona divorce lawyers have a caseload of about half of other Arizona divorce attorneys. Our founder believes that overloading a family law associate with 50 cases or more doesn’t allow them to concentrate their case long enough to master the case.

However, if the divorce professionals at Hildebrand Law, PC had their caseloads cut in half, every divorce lawyer at the firm would have more time to move faster and thoroughly than divorce attorneys at other law firms. That is the Hildebrand Law difference!

“Our Clients’ Victories Form the Foundation Of Our Success.”

Christopher S. Hildebrand | Founder of Hildebrand Law, PC

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A Better Approach to Divorce in Arizona

This doesn’t mean our divorce lawyers are not busy. Our team of divorce professionals is as busy as any other family law firm in town. They just spend that time mastering every client’s case. That means more one-on-one time with each and every one of our clients.

We spend that time going through not only the major points in a case but the smaller details other lawyers otherwise miss. Other attorneys miss those important details because they are too busy moving onto the next case on their list. Our detailed approach and attention to the large and small details of our clients’ lives win cases.

Arizona Divorce Lawyers.

Arizona Divorce Lawyers.

Our divorce law firm has a very detailed procedure that is followed in every client’s case. This approach puts you and your case in front of the line. You won’t have to wait to get your questions answered. You will understand the detailed case strategy we will use in your case from the very beginning of your family law matter.

You will also be directly involved in creating that strategy with the guidance and advice from our team of divorce professionals. And just to make sure nothing goes wrong our founder, Chris Hildebrand, oversees the case strategy of all Hildebrand Law, PC clients. Chris oversees every case to ensure your case is headed in the right direction.

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Our divorce law firm represents clients in all aspects of family law including divorce, divorce mediation, legal separation, child custody, paternity cases, child support, spousal maintenance, the division of community property, business valuation in a divorce, child abuse cases, orders of protection, injunctions to prohibit harassment, high asset divorce, and high net worth divorces.

We have written extensively on all aspects of divorce and family law, so feel free to read the articles in our family law blog to learn everything you would want to know and more about divorce and family law in Arizona. In fact, we have written so much about the various Arizona Court of Appeals decisions on divorce and family law that other divorce attorneys in Arizona contact us for advice on case law they can use in their own cases.

Call us at (480)305-8300 to schedule your personalized consultation with one of our experienced Arizona divorce and family law attorneys today.

Client Testimonial About Hildebrand Law, PC

Chris Hildebrand.

Chris Hildebrand.

Chris Hildebrand built Hildebrand Law on one powerful principle: to be a great Arizona divorce attorney all you have to do is, well, not suck. Chris witnessed all the sucky things about going through a divorce and he created all of the policies and procedures at Hildebrand Law to not suck. It doesn’t suck to actually care about your clients, so he hired the best attorneys who have shown genuine compassion for their clients. It doesn’t suck to win cases, so we work diligently with half the caseload of other attorneys to prevail on our clients’ cases. It doesn’t suck to be honest when a client is pursuing a path that will be harmful to them, so we tell our clients when they likely will not win an issue to save those clients from throwing their money away even if it means we will not take the case.

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by Johnson A D on Hildebrand Law, PC
Attorney/Firm of Premier Quality

Kent M Millward is the epitome of excellence in a vast community of attorneys. He is very knowledgeable and will fight valiantly for you. We highly recommend Kent as the first and best choice for you or a family member in need of exceptional representation. Kent, Chris and all of Hilderbrand Law,Thank you so much!!!

by Thomas D. on Hildebrand Law, PC
Thanks for Being in My Corner

I have dealt with many attorneys over the years and I have to admit, it is comforting to know that I have you guys in my corner.

by William B. on Hildebrand Law, PC
Thanks Kip

I hired Kip of Hildebrand Law. I couldn't have been happier. Although it was a difficult process, I felt safe with Kip by my side.

by Jon C. on Hildebrand Law, PC
Fantastic Service

I hired Hildebrand Law and was completely satisfied. They made me feel at ease from the first day I had my consultation. Highly recommended.