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Divorce sucks. I will say it again, divorce sucks. If you can avoid going through a divorce I encourage you to try to do so before filing for divorce. I also encourage you to do a serious assessment of you, your spouse and your children before you jump head first into a divorce. I wrote an article entitled Divorce Sucks: Deciding to Divorce which will guide you through this personal assessment and what we refer to as the “Sucky Divorce Matrix”. We strongly encourage you to read that article before doing anything else. If you have already decided you need to file for divorce or your spouse has made that decision for you, please keep reading because we are going to share a completely different perspective on choosing the right divorce attorney because choosing the wrong divorce lawyer in a family law case will make you divorce suck so much more.

“Our Clients’ Victories Form the Foundation Of Our Success.”

Christopher S. Hildebrand | Founder of Hildebrand Law, PC

The single most important decision you will make when faced with a divorce or legal separation is hiring the right family law attorney. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue about what to look for in a divorce attorney. Unless you have gone through a divorce before, you have not had the experience and requisite experience in know what happens in a divorce and who is the best Arizona divorce attorney to represent you. A mistake in hiring the wrong divorce lawyer will make your divorce, well, suck even more. We are going to help you with that problem.

Jennifer, thank you for being my attorney. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of my family court hearing. Everything you have done for me throughout this case reflects in the final ruling of the judge. You helped me keep my head together and taught me a lot about myself as a person. I learned so much about my life from observing and listening to you. I will take all the advice you gave me to continue taking responsibility for my choices, continue to put the kids' needs first, and always stay truthful. Your diligence, dedication, and persistence in my case made what seemed impossible, possible. You are a wonderful person and an amazing attorney and I am stronger and more confident because of you.
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20:31 20 Sep 17
I just want to again thank the Firm for working with me all that it has. I could not have done anything without everyone's assistance. You, Chris and Stacey have been and continue to provide me with compassion and hard work towards my case. Also a very special thanks to Kip for taking my case in the beginning. Also continued support from him and his dedication to providing me with his expertise in this matter.
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21:41 07 Nov 17
After interviewing several law firms, I came across Jennifer Shick, and her firm, who I hired to represent me for my Family Court case. Jennifer has extensive knowledge of the law and is determined to bring the truth to every issue involved within the case. Throughout my case, Jennifer was prepared meticulously as well as went above and beyond all of my expectations. Even when the other party tried to differ from the truth, lie to the Judge, and turn situations around, Jennifer remained attentive and provided substantial evidence to show the judge the facts as well as the proof to support what was the best interests of my children. Additionally, Jennifer helped me endure many difficult experiences, situations and inspired me to remain positive throughout the entirety of my case. Her kindness, compassion, and professionalism helped me through very difficult times and made the process feel a thousand times lighter on my shoulders. She truly has my children and my best interest at heart and I trust her perspective as well as her honesty on each and every aspect of my case. She lessened the burden on my shoulders and even when I felt like the case was not going to go in my favor, Jennifer was open-minded and reassured me that the Judge would, in fact, see the truth, which he did and the case went in my favor. After nine months of court, everything finally came together. I cannot declare how much Jennifer has been an outstanding attorney. She addressed each and every issue with diligence, she cares about her clients and their families. Jennifer genuinely cares about her clients and her dedication to the details of the case was remarkable. Overall, I am extremely pleased with Jennifer’s services and I am truly thankful that I was so blessed to have her represent my children and me. I highly recommend Jennifer as one of the best attorneys in Arizona and if the situation ever arises, I will definitely have her represent my children and me again.
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14:58 04 Oct 17
Dear Stacey and Kip, How can I ever thank you enough for helping me through the most difficult time in my life? I couldn't put into words my heartfelt gratefulness. You both were so compassionate and professional at every given moment throughout this process with me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped me to regain my freedom.
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16:03 22 Nov 17
I was a client of Attorney Kevin Park for the dissolution of a divorce in 2016. And since I had never had the need to hire an attorney before for any purpose, I was somewhat apprehensive of the process. But the very calm and professional demeanor of Mr. Park eased my fears. He adeptly answered all my questions and I clearly knew the process and what to expect. And the skilled manner he communicated with opposing counsel was perfect. When it came down to negotiating with my spouse’s counsel, I knew I had selected the best attorney for my situation. What I noticed and appreciated was that he was using just the right amount of pressure with opposing counsel as was necessary. If you find yourself in this situation, you will want a seasoned professional like Mr. Park on your side. I'm very grateful that he was my attorney and not the opposition!
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22:14 28 Jun 17
Chris is a smart and aggressive attorney for his clients. Chris always tries to reach a fair settlement of his cases. I’ve represented clients when Chris was the opposing counsel and while he is professional and amicable to work with, he does not back off on what he needs to do for his client
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18:16 18 Sep 17
Kevin Park of Arizona Estate Planning Attorneys was just what I needed for my divorce. He was very approachable and personable. He was quick to recognize what I needed and provided it quickly and efficiently. I hope to never need a divorce lawyer again, but if I know anyone else who does, I will definitely recommend Kevin.
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19:22 23 Aug 17
I feel that Tracey Van Wickler is certainly one of the best family lawyers around. She is logical, intelligent, and truly cares. Tracey always does what is in the clients best interest, does it well, timely and with integrity. She is good at keeping her clients informed as to what is going on and clear in her communication both written and verbally. I have recommended Tracey to other people and will continue to recommend her. I recommended Tracey to someone who was having issues with their ex-wife and his response was, “I know how good she is because I went up against her and she ate me for lunch”. This same person was so impressed with her, he even recommended her to someone else, WOW, that is impressive! I am exceptionally happy with her attention to detail, her ability to explain things in ways that are easy to understand, as well as her ability to keep everyone focused on the most important things. I would recommend Tracey to anyone who may be in need of her services.
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17:44 23 Jun 16
I retained Hildebrand Law after interview a number of firms in the valley. Working with Michael C. was incredibly easy and informative. My case progressed in such a organized and thought out way to ensure that my needs were met. Michael was incredibly proactive and was able to see far ahead into my case to steer clear of some roadblocks. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Clancy, and Hildebrand Law in general, to anyone.
Bassam Ziadeh
Bassam Ziadeh
21:20 02 Apr 18
I have worked with Hildebrand law for about 8 years. They are always ready to serve, provide guidance and give you a few options. When they provide you options they also take the time to walk you through the pros and cons of each and give you a recommendation of what is best, but will listen to you and support whatever course you choose after making and educated choice. I’d recommend them to my closest friends and feel Chris Hildebrand is now a friend to me.
Larry Flint
Larry Flint
21:53 27 Feb 18
Despite the unfortunate situation I found myself in, Chris Hildebrand @ Hildebrand Law helped me maneuver every step with professionalism, expertise, and even a sensitivity that was an added bonus.Chris and his staff helped me even when I didn't know I needed the help. In other words. . . they made sure we did not leave anything undone. And in the rare instance we needed the expertise of another professional, Chris knew exactly who to recommend.Chris also knew, because of his experience, what to anticipate down the road of litigation. That meant we were better prepared to meet the challenges head on, which lead to a more equitable and fair outcome. I appreciated that Chris did his best to meet my every need in a timely fashion, even if I had a simple question that required only a phone call or e-mail or if we needed to talk face-to-face.I highly recommend Chris Hildebrand @ Hildebrand Law, PC.
Sam Franchimone
Sam Franchimone
22:09 12 Sep 13

So, what should you be looking for when deciding who you should hire to represent you in your divorce. Well, that depends upon you. If you are looking to scorch the earth with litigation out of a misguided belief that you will somehow get the better of your spouse then I am wasting your time and you should look to another law firm for your case. But, before you do, you need to know about that approach. You will be consumed by the very fire you create in your divorce. Another thing you should know is what kind of attorney would be willing to join you in burning everything to the ground in your divorce. Better yet, imagine what a disaster it would be if you and your spouse both had attorneys willing to destroy the lives of the other party.

The polar opposite of the scorched earth divorce attorney is the attorney who either doesn’t care or is so adverse to conflict they are afraid of their own shadow. Although better than the scorched earth attorney, these divorce lawyers may leave you exposed to a lot of risks if they are not diligently protecting your interests. So, we decided to take a completely different approach. A more holistic and balanced approach to representing our clients in divorce and other family law cases.

Our divorce law firm is built upon a completely different model than any other divorce or family law firm that exists in Arizona. We wanted to be the best Arizona divorce attorneys we could be and that journey led to one simple conclusion. All we had to do is to not suck! Sounds simple but what does that mean? To us, it means making every process, procedure, and policy at our law firm centered upon identifying every sucky thing about a divorce and making it better. Approaching each case from the perspective of our clients, understand what they are going through, and showing them how to turn the problem of a divorce into a solution – a new more rewarding life.

See, divorce is really a process of exchanging problems. You exchange the problems found in a marriage with the problems of being a single parent with 50% less stuff (that really sucks) and a portion of the household income you previously enjoyed when you are married. The difference, however, is that you are creating an entirely new life after divorce. Although this can be a scary thing, you should look at it as an opportunity to redefine yourself and your children’s lives. We will get you through the process of divorcing your spouse, but how we get you through that process matters as much as the process itself. Understand, there are four types of divorce attorneys in Arizona:

Type 1: Highly Aggressive and Dumb as a Box of Nails

Type 2: Highly Aggressive and Sharp as a Tack

Type 3:  Passive and Have No Clue

Type 4:  Passive and Know Their Stuff

From my experience, Arizona divorce attorneys know only one speed and fall into one of the four categories I listed above. They are simply creatures of habit and have taken the time to look introspectively, admit their shortcomings, and address those shortcomings. They just practice law the way they always have practiced. They are simply enamored with themselves and could not possibly look themselves in the mirror and say “I suck” at anything. So, let’s get back to the four types of divorce lawyers in Arizona. There are strengths and weaknesses with each type, some suck, and some don’t suck. The sucky ones can make a mess of your life in a divorce. They, not so coincidentally, make a lot of money off of a divorce case that they turn into a mess. Now that really sucks – your life is way more complicated and you are paying more money to have it more complicated! Let’s talk about what the type of divorce attorneys in Arizona you want to stay away from and how you should protect yourself and your children from all hell breaking loose in your divorce.

Type 1 attorneys will reak the most havoc in your life. If you have ever know someone who went through a nasty and expensive divorce, it is likely they or their spouse hired a Type 1 divorce attorney. They have no clue what they are doing and compensate, in my opinion, by being hyper aggressive. We win against these attorneys because we know what we are doing and can let that lawyer get crushed under the own weight of their aggressive and unreasonable actions in a case. So, lesson number one is we suck if we don’t know what we are doing and compensate by being aggressive. So, guess what, we don’t do it. Sounds like a great way not to be sucky divorce attorneys.

Type 2 attorneys are “almost” not sucky but still have some serious problems that will make your divorce experience very expensive and will create a lot of tension, hostility and, yes, a boatload of litigation. It is hard enough to experience a divorce, but having a highly aggressive divorce attorney is going to make your divorce a nightmare. So, for us not to suck, we have to not be overly aggressive to protect our clients but still effectively represent our clients against a super aggressive attorney. More to come on how we do that very effectively in a minute.

Type 3 divorce attorneys are great to work with as opposing counsel but not so good if a passive attorney who doesn’t have clue is representing you. These divorce lawyers miss issues all the time and we have seen numerous mistakes made by passive attorneys who do not have a clue. At a time when everything that is important to you in the world is at stake, I would shy away from an attorney who cannot provide you with a clear path on how to protect you.

Type 4 divorce lawyers are our favorite attorneys to work with as opposing counsel. As with our Arizona divorce attorneys, they don’t churn up a huge hostile sucky divorce and get things done competently. These attorneys aren’t looking to destroy your spouse, know what the heck they are doing, and, as a result, get a lot of referrals from other attorneys and former clients, so they don’t need to create a war just to sustain enough work to pay their bills.

So, the question became what can we do differently and the answer became very clear. Don’t do anything that sucky lawyers do but be more flexible in our approach to a particular case be utilizing a “divorce continuum of force” strategy to get our clients through a divorce. What does that mean? That means our attorneys approach the case from an amicable perspective using detailed procedures to ensure nothing is missed in your case. If we are against a passive attorney, we don’t blow your divorce up by being aggressive. If the passive lawyer we are against doesn’t know what they are doing, we guide them through the process by requesting mediation with a private mediator who does know what the heck they are doing.

“Our Clients’ Victories Form the Foundation Of Our Success.”

Christopher S. Hildebrand | Founder of Hildebrand Law, PC

If we are confronted with an aggressive attorney on the other side of the case we will shield our client from confrontations with that attorney, increase our own “continuum of force” as necessary and be very tactical on getting your case before a mediator or simply control the litigation by moving tactically faster than the other attorney with arguments that are compelling to win your case. We will use their own aggressiveness against them to demonstrate to the court how unreasonable the other side has been during the case; which really appeals to judges.

Can you see how subtle not sucking as a divorce attorney can be? Instead of being stuck in one gear (aggressive or passive), our Arizona divorce attorneys gain an advantage by being flexible enough to switch gears to effectively represent our clients against all types of attorneys. This was not by accident, we simply studied all the sucky things we saw other divorce attorneys do and, well, we found a better way to represent clients in divorce and other family law cases.

More About Our Arizona Divorce Attorneys

Our divorce and family law attorneys are not your traditional family law attorneys. We believe the relationship between a lawyer and client is more than a business transaction. Our divorce lawyers involve our clients in the legal and strategic decisions made in their cases. We reject the notion that an attorney holds a position of prominence with their clients.  As a result, our clients are treated like we treat our friends. We believe this is what makes the best divorce lawyers in Arizona to protect your best interests.

Our exceptional family lawyers and support staff are friendly, approachable, transparent, trustworthy and competent. Our clients have written many Five Star Reviews on the internet about our law office. As a result, we have also been awarded numerous awards and professional recognition. Our clients’ successes prove a family law firm is more successful by shedding the outdated way the legal profession approaches relationships with clients. Instead, we adopt a “client-focused” practice that results in a cooperative and trusting relationship. If you are faced with a divorce, annulment, or other family law matter, you may have many questions about the Arizona divorce process. Whether you are searching for a Phoenix divorce lawyer or a Scottsdale divorce lawyer, we have the experience and resources to help you.

Our family attorneys will answer every one of your questions. You may have questions regarding the divorce laws that apply to your case. You will also want to understand the likely outcome of your case. You need to know how long your divorce will take to be resolved. You will need to know how much it will cost to reach your desired goals. Our divorce attorneys will answer all of those questions.

How Our Arizona Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona Divorce Lawyers Handle Your Case

Our team of divorce attorneys has over one hundred (100) years combined experience in divorce and related family law matters. We have handled hundreds of contested and uncontested divorce and family law cases in Arizona and have a thorough understanding of the laws that will affect the outcome of your divorce. Our divorce attorneys will not encounter a single issue in your case we have not already handled many times over.

At Hildebrand Law, PC, we take the time to sit down with each client to discuss the entire divorce process from beginning to end.  We ensure you understand everything that’s going to happen in your case. You will be told when those events will occur and what we can do navigate you through the divorce process. As a result, you will be in control and empowered to pursue your goals actively.

Please call (480)305-8300 to speak to one of our experienced Arizona divorce and family law attorneys today regarding your divorce or family law issue. We are here to help!

What Our Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona Divorce Attorneys Can Do for You

Our divorce attorneys handle all aspect of a family law case, including divorce, legal separation, alimony, child custody, child support, community property division, complex family law matters, and restraining orders in Arizona. Our practice is focused on providing practical solutions to family law cases. We fight hard to serve our clients and protect what is most important to them. We will provide you with practical advice on how to address the issues in your case and provide you with a roadmap on how best we can achieve your goals.

What makes our law firm unique is that we are selective in the cases we take. We only accept a case if we have a clear path on how to succeed for a client. You can be assured you will receive honest advice on the likely outcome of your case based on the decades of experience our attorneys and other professionals have in representing clients in divorce and other related family law matters. If we do not believe we can prevail, we will let you know. We absolutely hate to lose at anything we do. As a result, we work diligently on behalf of our clients and do not waste our clients’ money litigating issues that are not likely to result in a positive outcome for our clients.

How Our Arizona Family Law Attorneys Prevail in Our Clients’ Cases

Another fact that differentiates our divorce law firm from other divorce law firms is the level of attention and communication our clients’ receive from our divorce attorneys. All of our attorneys maintain a caseload of twenty to twenty-five family law clients at any given time. This is more than half the cases most other attorneys represent at any given time. This is intentional. We realized we will have a strategic advantage over other family law firms if we intentionally limited our caseload. We move faster, more deliberately, and we drive the litigation while the attorneys on the other side are fighting just to keep up with us. This allows us to spend more time on each client’s case to prepare faster, execute our strategy effectively, and win cases.

Unlike other law firms who do not have a sufficient support staff, we have invested heavily in the support staff available to our clients and the attorneys working their cases. Most other divorce law firms have one paralegal working with multiple attorneys and have both office management responsibilities, as well as paralegal support responsibilities for multiple lawyers.

We realized our AZ divorce lawyers needed to have everything they need at their fingertips to be efficient and effective at executing our litigation strategy for our clients. As a result, every lawyer has his or her own paralegal dedicated solely to his or her clients. Every paralegal, correspondingly, has several administrative assistants available to assist them with managing our clients’ cases. It is this structure that allows our Arizona divorce attorneys to focus on what matters most.

Call (480)305-8300 to schedule a personalized consultation with one of our experienced Arizona divorce attorneys.

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