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Divorce Mediation: Situations Best for Divorce Mediation

Posted on : May 22, 2017, By:  Christopher Hildebrand
Divorce Mediation Situations Best for Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation: Situations Best for Divorce Mediation

When Should You Consider Divorce Mediation?

Here at Hildebrand Law, we understand that divorce is a large part of what makes up family law. Irreconcilable differences, issues with how to raise children, and countless other things can factor into the decision to split from your significant other. When it comes to handling the aftermath of a divorce, the decisions made during court proceedings, as well as the cost of lawyers, can make the process a stressful and infuriating occurrence. However, we also understand that divorce can be the last option and seen as the way out that makes the most sense. If a divorce is the only answer, mediation can make the entire proceeding run a bit more smoothly and lessen the mental and emotional fatigue. Today, we want to highlight some situations where mediation is the best course of action for divorcing couples and how it can help set them up for long term success. When you are in need of lawyers with dispute resolution and mediation experience, trust the team at Hildebrand Law to help you with your case.
Divorce Mediation Situations Best for Divorce Mediation

When You Have Kids

Whether you like it or not, the other parent of your child will be involved in your life forever, albeit in a much more limited capacity. As such, it is important that you are able to have a semblance of a relationship with the mother or father of your child. Divorce court proceedings can get messy and ugly very quickly. False accusations can fly and animosity can fester, which means your soon-to-be former spouse can lose all humanity in your eyes. Rather than dealing with the continual trials and tribulations that come from dealing with these issues in court, opting for mediation can save everyone from many headaches. Not only can mediation bring calm to the situation, but it also allows parents to regain level-headedness prior to telling their children what is going on. It also sets up future interactions with former partners with the ability to be civil and coordinate parenting in the best ways possible.

Confidentiality Purposes

Divorce is never an easy time for any party involved. Sure, in the long run it might be the most beneficial thing, but the process itself is strenuous. When it comes to problems between parties, such as the circumstances surrounding the divorce or the underlying cause, everything comes out in front of a judge. It can not only be embarrassing or humiliating, but can foster animosity towards the other party for exposing things that could damage a reputation. When the divorce mediation route is explored, this can be avoided easily. Not only is there only one person in the room, but the mediator is almost always sworn to confidentiality, except in cases where a life may be in danger or other major exceptions. This is part of the mediator’s job; ensuring comfort and communication is critical to a successful resolution. If you are hoping to keep your divorce as painless and quiet as possible by eliminating the spotlight brought on by other legal proceedings, mediation is the ideal situation.
Divorce Mediation Situations Best for Divorce Mediation

When You Can Choose Your Mediator

Sometimes, mediation will come about as a result of court proceedings. Here in the state of Arizona, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a wide range of settlement methods for disputes and divorce proceedings. These can include Family Court Settlement Conferences, led by a court ordered third party facility. While this service is free, you do not get to choose who handles your case which can be a problem when you are looking for a mediator with experience in wills and probates, or if you’d prefer someone with a background in finance to help make allocating funds easier when the divorce or separation agreement is finalized. Choosing your mediator allows you to vet who deals with the intimate details involved in a divorce, giving couples the chance to set themselves up for success.

While divorce and legal separation are often not a happy or uplifting time in a person’s life, they are more and more common. If you find yourself facing this situation, mediation can be a much easier way to reach a peaceful and agreeable resolution. If you are facing a divorce and are looking for a family law team with years of experience in divorce mediation and dispute resolution, get in touch with the legal experts at Hildebrand Law. Don’t navigate your divorce alone, call us today and see how we can help.

Certain situations are ideal for divorce mediation. If you are facing this strenuous task, call Hildebrand Law and see how our team can help you.

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