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Dissociative Disorder and Divorce in Arizona | Hildebrand Law, PC

Tue 18th Jul, 2017 Arizona Divorce Laws

If your spouse has been diagnosed as having a dissociative disorder and you are filing for divorce or thinking of filing for divorce in Arizona, you may have questions about the association of dissociative disorder and divorce in Arizona. The diagnosis of a person with a dissociative disorder can have an impact on how your divorce in Arizona is handled and the outcome of your divorce.

Mental health professionals rely upon the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (“DSM”) to diagnose someone with a dissociative disorder. That reference manual describes someone with a dissociative disorder as experiencing a disruption in the ordinary process of consciousness, memory, emotion, their perception of events, their body movements and body control, and the way they act.

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The symptoms include either unwanted changes in their awareness and behavior or a failure to access information or control their thoughts that otherwise would be easily accessed or controlled. This disorder typically occurs after the person experiences a traumatic event and includes symptoms of amnesia, flashbacks of the event, a feeling of being numb, and what experts refer to as “depersonalization” or “derealization.”

Dissociative Disorder and Divorce in Arizona | Impact on Divorce 

Dissociative Disorder and Divorce in Arizona.

People who have suffered physical or sexual abuse, particularly children, have a greater likelihood of developing a dissociative disorder. The “DSM” reports that 70% of people with the disease who receive treatment on an outpatient basis will attempt suicide.

Individuals with the disorder may also self-mutilate, such as cutting themselves.
Individuals with the disorder range from mildly affected to significantly affected. The DSM notes that high functioning people suffering from the dissociative disorder often experience problems in their family life and parenting of their children.

The symptoms and effect of a divorce in Arizona upon someone suffering from a dissociative disorder, therefore, are of great concern. A divorce or separation of the family unit places a significant weight upon a person who has a mental health issue that already puts them at a high rate to commit suicide and impacts his or her ability to parent his or her child properly.

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