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How Personal Injury Claims Can Affect Your Marital Relationship

Mon 10th Oct, 2016 Arizona Divorce Laws

Personal injury cases have the tendency to get complicated very fast, and filing a claim can be a complex and wearing process. There may be state and federal laws to consider, along with legal procedures that might be difficult to navigate. One aspect most victims don’t consider is how a personal injury claim might affect their relationships.

While a victim is the one who suffered an accident, the consequences of the accident will likely affect those close to the victim as well. In fact, all too often these effects can cause permanent damage to your closest relationships, even marital. Sometimes, the legal process after an injury can even lead to separation accident or divorce.

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Attention Deficit

Fighting through a personal injury claim will likely demand a lot of attention. Firstly, it may take time to understand the legal process and the issues at play in personal injury claims, and the deadlines to meet and the procedures to follow aren’t always straightforward.

To receive compensation, the plaintiff is required to provide evidence in order to prove the defendant’s negligence. A lot of work is required to help meet this burden of proof, which may take your attention away from other important aspects of your life. You may not have the time to tend to your relationship, especially if the case is lengthy and complex. Having a legal representative help you with your personal injury case may give you more time to focus on other aspects of your life.

Conflicting Decisions

How Personal Injury Claims Can Affect Your Marital Relationship in Arizona.

Filing a personal injury claim is a decision that may involve more than one person, especially if a victim has a significant other or dependents. Differing opinions as to whether you should sue for emotional damages or if a settlement amount is fair might take a toll on your relationship.

Also, if you are unable to make decisions due to your injuries and your significant other acts on your behalf, you may disagree with their decisions later on. A DC personal injury lawyer can offer qualified legal advice, which may help keep arguments to a minimum.

Damaging Information

If you are a victim pursuing a personal injury claim, the defendant will likely try to find information to use against you. In a worst case scenario, your life may be investigated and damaging information may be uncovered that could cost you more than your claim. Unfortunately, your relationship may be affected by the harmful information your significant other had not been aware of.

Emotional Distress

Dealing with nasty insurance adjusters, investigators and other specialists will likely take its toll on your emotions. An insurance company that is eager to settle may have sneaky tactics to help persuade the plaintiff to settle. Dealing with insurance adjusters, combined with physical injuries or emotional distress a victim is enduring, may become unbearable. With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you may avoid becoming emotionally overwhelmed.

When it boils down to it, personal injury cases can be traumatic for a marriage. If a personal injury has caused irrevocable damage your relationship, it may be time to contact a divorce attorney.

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