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Chris Hildebrand decided he wanted to be an attorney when he was a child.

Being the youngest of four children in his family, he saw the struggles his single mother had in taking care of the entire family.

On one particular day, he found his mother upset and crying because someone owed her money she desperately needed to pay the rent.

To this day, he remembers her telling him to never be in a position where people have control over you simply because you can’t afford to hire an attorney.

That day he told his mother he was going to be an attorney when he grew up and that is exactly what he did.

Chris chose family law because he enjoys helping people on a personal level; something he could never do as a corporate attorney. Chris has always been what he refers to as a “protector”.

He has been that way since he was a child. Whether it was the time he was hospitalized for a week when he was twelve years old because he was trying to protect a weaker kid from a bully and got hit in the eye by an object that had been thrown at him (yeah, that didn’t work out very well) or when he had to protect his siblings from the neighborhood bullies.

Chris was the first one to knock on their doors and put an end to the problem using his words, not his fists.

He carries that passion to protect others who are unable to protect themselves in every case.

That is the real fire that fuels the reason Chris practices family law and created Hildebrand Law, PC. Chris still takes on bullies – he just does it in the courtroom now.

Chris passed the Arizona Bar Examination the first time he took it and his career as a “protector” of people and children launched.

Chris has a long history of protecting children in child sexual abuse and physical abuse cases, which he has handled throughout his career.

Many attorneys refer child abuse cases to Chris because of his approach in handling these cases to protect children from abuse.

Chris is regarded as a highly knowledgeable and skilled Arizona divorce lawyer, negotiator, and advocate for his clients’ interests.

With his extensive experience and reputation, Chris has earned the respect of other Arizona divorce lawyers, experts, and judges with whom he has practiced.

He is regularly consulted by other attorneys in the community, who leverage his knowledge and experience to act as a divorce mediator to assist in resolving their own client’s legal matters.

In fact, Chris has been retained by other divorce attorneys to represent them or their friends or family in a divorce and other family law matters.

Hildebrand Law, PC
Based on 44 reviews
I had a complex divorce and custody case that few law firms were willing to take because I work overseas. Carlos Noel and Hildebrand took my case and helped me strategize. While they are not cheap, it's worth every penny. They were responsive and thorough and open to feedback/input. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for experts to help navigate this very confusing and complicated terrain. Thank you Carlos and team for helping me close this chapter of my life with tact and professionalism in less than 1 year!
My husband and I would like to express our profound gratitude to Carlos Noel and the entire team at Hildebrand Law. Over the years, they have been our steadfast navigators through various family matters, from custody agreements to estate planning.Carlos, alongside Lindsey, his paralegal, have consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism. Their expertise is matched only by their compassion, making complex legal processes feel manageable and humane.
I was in a very difficult situation involving divorcing my then husband and fighting for the well-being of my daughter. I discovered Hildebrand and met with Lonnie Sheinson. The first meeting I had with him, I felt at ease and confident that he and the team would fight for me. Lonnie is incredibly knowledgeable about the law and really went to war for me. We ended up winning our trial and I believe it was because of Lonnie's attention to detail and willingness to help that won it for us. I've now moved away from Arizona and Lonnie still will take the time to answer my calls if I have any questions. He's been so helpful and I'm so grateful for Lonnie and his team! If you need a fantastic divorce/ family attorney, Lonnie is the best!
Kip Micuda represented me in a very contentious custody matter. Mr Micuda possesses one of the sharpest legal minds and provides truly compassionate representation for his clients. My children and I are in a much better place due to Mr Micuda's efforts.
Finding a divorce attorney is tough. I interviewed several. I hired Kip Micuda because on the initial consultation he appeared very knowledgeable, professional, and seemed to care. Getting to work with Kip I found it somewhat difficult to get timely replies even though he has an assistant. He is not keen on phone calls even though I requested him to call on several occasions as he prefers to communicate largely through email. Also found him to be a passive attorney and not a fighter. In a nasty divorce it helps to have a bulldog in your corner who will work hard every reasonable angle. Kip is a soft spoken professor type. He also appeared to over hype the worst-case scenarios in my divorce, and he did not even catch in my ex- wife’s reply to my petition her attorney was in agreement that no spousal support was warranted. My new attorney caught that and pointed it out to me. That’s significant.I was a client for three months and in the end left extremely disappointed by Kip and Chris Hildebrand the owner. About 2.5 months in I simply questioned a large legal bill which I paid, and shortly afterwards was told they no longer wanted to work on my case even though we never had any real disagreements. I emailed Kip several times very respectfully to try to understand what the issue was as I truly had no idea, see if there way any way to fix it as I was also willing to make changes on my end which I stated, and if we could not fix it then we part on friendly terms like mature adults do. No email response saying why. I then emailed asking to have a 15-minute call to discuss what the issue was like two gentlemen should and do. Again, no response at all. I then emailed Chris H asking for a phone call and also zero response. None. This is from the owner of the company. This is simply not a way to treat a client and it is extremely unprofessional. It is just plain disrespectful, rude, and cold. I am in a very high-end sales profession, and I would never think to treat my customers like this. If there is a problem communicate with your customer.Also, this law firm will absolutely nickel and dime you at every opportunity they get. I have no doubt I was over charged. This law firm is simply not worth the cost and they are not special in any way. Just your typical law firm trying to squeeze what they can from you in a tough period of your life. They are a purely transactional attorneys and not relationship based. They are the kind of attorneys that give their profession a bad reputation.In the end they did me a real favor as I found an excellent attorney who is more much more knowledgeable, communicative, actually cares, and is a fighter. He also has a lower rate and more importantly does not nickel and dime. He will call you too to discuss the case. Call him old school but he is very solid. His name is John Gaertner. Good luck.
The entire team at Hildebrand Law was excellent in every aspect of my custody case. Kent Millward and Karla Spaulding-Huft were fantastic. Everyone was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process. Their preparation and dedication to my case helped ensure a winning ruling. I have and will continue to refer anyone going through a challenging situation to speak with Chris and his team.
Michael Clancy worked with us on 2 cases. He was thorough and always listened to our concerns and needs. Very professional while still being personable. He and his staff made us feel as though our cases were important and gave us realistic expectations of the outcomes.
When it comes to civil/family law matters that needs to be resolved in the court , I highly recommend Hildebrand Law Firm. In my case an international abduction of a minor was involved - a very sensitive and risky topic. They handle everything very professionally, and we won the case due to their experience and expertise in State Law / Federal Law & international Law (Hague Convention). They are great, in every aspect and I highly suggest Hilderbrand Law Firm for a matter as such.K.I.
Michael represented me. I was very pleased. He was very attentive, supportive and understanding to my unique circumstance. He is extremely knowledgeable and detailed and I was very impressed with his ability to retain even the smallest details.
My attorney (Kent) reluctantly decided to take my case, as I had already started down the process of "collaborative divorce", prior to meeting with Hildebrand Law. I felt throughout my entire collaborative process, that I was being taken advantage of, and my rights were being infringed upon.Turns out, I was right! Thankfully, the experts at Hildebrand, specifically Kent Milward and his para legal, Karla, took the time to hear me out and decided to takeme on as a client!I will be forever indebted to The experts at Hildebrand law for protecting my children's and my rights.I cannot say enough thank yous!


  • Chris Hildebrand graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1991.
  • Chris Hildebrand also received his law degree from Arizona State University in 1994.


  • Arizona Bar Association since 1994.
  • Maricopa County Bar Association.
  • American Bar Association.
  • National Academy of Family Law Attorneys.

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