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Chris Hildebrand decided he wanted to be an attorney when he was a child.

Being the youngest of four children in his family, he saw the struggles his single mother had in taking care of the entire family.

On one particular day, he found his mother upset and crying because someone owed her money she desperately needed to pay the rent.

To this day, he remembers her telling him to never be in a position where people have control over you simply because you can’t afford to hire an attorney.

That day he told his mother he was going to be an attorney when he grew up and that is exactly what he did.

Chris chose family law because he enjoys helping people on a personal level; something he could never do as a corporate attorney. Chris has always been what he refers to as a “protector”.

He has been that way since he was a child. Whether it was the time he was hospitalized for a week when he was twelve years old because he was trying to protect a weaker kid from a bully and got hit in the eye by an object that had been thrown at him (yeah, that didn’t work out very well) or when he had to protect his siblings from the neighborhood bullies.

Chris was the first one to knock on their doors and put an end to the problem using his words, not his fists.

He carries that passion to protect others who are unable to protect themselves in every case.

That is the real fire that fuels the reason Chris practices family law and created Hildebrand Law, PC. Chris still takes on bullies – he just does it in the courtroom now.

Chris passed the Arizona Bar Examination the first time he took it and his career as a “protector” of people and children launched.

Chris has a long history of protecting children in child sexual abuse and physical abuse cases, which he has handled throughout his career.

Many attorneys refer child abuse cases to Chris because of his approach in handling these cases to protect children from abuse.

Chris is regarded as a highly knowledgeable and skilled Arizona divorce lawyer, negotiator, and advocate for his clients’ interests.

With his extensive experience and reputation, Chris has earned the respect of other Arizona divorce lawyers, experts, and judges with whom he has practiced.

He is regularly consulted by other attorneys in the community, who leverage his knowledge and experience to act as a divorce mediator to assist in resolving their own client’s legal matters.

In fact, Chris has been retained by other divorce attorneys to represent them or their friends or family in a divorce and other family law matters.


  • Chris Hildebrand graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1991.
  • Chris Hildebrand also received his law degree from Arizona State University in 1994.


  • Arizona Bar Association since 1994.
  • Maricopa County Bar Association.
  • American Bar Association.
  • National Academy of Family Law Attorneys.

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