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Collecting Child Support Payments in Arizona | Hildebrand Law, PC

Posted on : April 6, 2017, By:  Chris Hildebrand
Legal Options for Collecting Child Support Payments

Legal Options for Collecting Child Support Payments in Arizona

Going through the divorce process is not easy. In fact, it’s one of the biggest obstacles you may face in your life and it’s even more challenging when there are children involved. Add to that the fact you have to think about child support issues and things get even more complicated. The more complex the situation is, the longer it could take to receive the support that the custodial parent so desperately needs.

For the Benefit of the Child

Raising a child is expensive. Child support payments are often needed to help pay for many necessities such as:

  • School supplies
  • Additional educational costs such as extracurricular activities like field trips
  • Recreational program costs such as for summer camp, soccer, band
  • Clothing
  • Medical care
  • Food
  • Child programs including Scouts or Brownies
  • Cost of living such as rent or mortgage, electricity, and other bills Legal Options for Collecting Child Support Payments

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Legal Options for Collecting Child Support Payments.

Legal Options for Collecting Child Support Payments.

Helping with the Extras

Consider the life that your child would have enjoyed had you remained married. Perhaps she’d be dancing at the local dance studio, or playing baseball on the local little league team. Just because his parents divorced does not mean the child should have to give up these extras, so child support will help pay for the extracurriculars your child may like to participate in.

Unfortunately, there are many parents out there who are facing financial difficulties because the noncustodial parent is failing to pay child support. However, there are some ways to enforce child support payments. It is often best to retain a child support, and divorce lawyer Bloomington IL relies on who can help you get the child support payments you and your child deserve.

You have the right to ask law enforcement or other government officials to step in and help pursue child support arrears. The appropriate agency depends on who oversees collecting past due support where you live. It’s a local department of Child and Social Services.

There are a few different options when it comes to collecting support, including, but not limited to the following:

Different Ways for Collecting Child Support Payments in Arizona.

Different Ways for Collecting Child Support Payments in Arizona.

  • Wage Garnishment. A wage garnishment is an effective collection method for those who have a regular paying job. Child support arrangements that are not adhered to can result in an automatic wage garnishment. If the parent obligated to pay support is self-employed or changes jobs often, this is a more challenging option.
  • Tax refund. If the obligated parent is due a significant tax refund, you may be able to arrange for their tax refund to be paid directly to you. An attorney who practices family or divorce law can advise you on whether or not this is possible in your situation.
  • Revocation of driving privileges. If the obligated parent is unable to drive legally, they may become very motivated to catch up on their child support payments. For those folks who are genuinely trying to pay back the child support, this can have a devastating effect because they may be unable to commute to work. However, this may be a good option if they are not attempting to fulfill their child support obligation.
  • Jail time. Those that fail to pay court-ordered child support can face fines or jail time.

Consult with a Family Law or Divorce attorney if you have questions or concerns about receiving child support payments.

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