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Arizona Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Statutes

The Arizona State Legislature created the laws that apply to Arizona Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Those child support laws were enacted as the following set of statutes:

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General Provisions

  • 25-1203 (“State tribunal and support enforcement agency”)
  • 25-1204 (“Remedies cumulative”)
  • 25-1205 (“Application of chapter to resident of foreign country and foreign support proceeding”)


Arizona Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Statutes.
  • 25-1221 (“Bases for jurisdiction over nonresident”)
  • 25-1222 (“Duration of personal jurisdiction”)
  • 25-1223 (“Initiating and responding tribunal of state”)
  • 25-1224 (“Simultaneous proceedings”)
  • 25-1225 (“Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify child support order”)
  • 25-1226 (“Continuing jurisdiction to enforce child support order”)
  • 25-1227 (“Determination of controlling child support order”)
  • 25-1228 (“Child support orders for two or more obligees”)
  • 25-1229 (“Credit for payments”)
  • 25-1230 (“Application of chapter to nonresident subject to personal jurisdiction”)
  • 25-1231 (“Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify spousal support order”)

Civil Provisions of General Application

  • 25-1241 (“Proceedings under this chapter”)
  • 25-1242 (“Proceeding by minor parent”)
  • 25-1243 (“Application of law of state”)
  • 25-1244 (“Duties of initiating tribunal”)
  • 25-1245 (“Duties and powers of responding tribunal”)
  • 25-1246 (“Inappropriate tribunal”)
  • 25-1247 (“Duties of support enforcement agency”)
  • 25-1248 (“Duty of the attorney general”)
  • 25-1250 (“Duties of department of economic security”)
  • 25-1251 (“Pleadings and accompanying documents”)
  • 25-1252 (“Nondisclosure of information in exceptional circumstances”)
  • 25-1254 (“Limited immunity of petitioner”)
  • 25-1255 (“Nonparentage as defense”)
  • 25-1256 (“Special rules of evidence and procedure”)
  • 25-1257 (“Communications between tribunals”)
  • 25-1258 (“Assistance with discovery”)
  • 25-1259 (“Receipt and disbursement of payments”)

Establishment of Support Order or Determination of Parentage

  • 25-1271 (“Establishment of support order”)
  • 25-1272 (“Proceeding to determine parentage of a child”)

Enforcement of Support Order Without Registration

  • 25-1281 (“Employer’s receipt of income withholding order of another state”)
  • 25-1282 (“Employer’s compliance with income withholding order of another state”)
  • 25-1283 (“Employer’s compliance with two or more income withholding orders”)
  • 25-1284 (“Immunity from civil liability”)
  • 25-1285 (“Penalties for noncompliance”)
  • 25-1286 (“Contest by obligor”)
  • 25-1287 (“Administrative enforcement of orders”)

Registration, Enforcement, and Modification of Support Order

  • 25-1301 (“Registration of order for enforcement”)
  • 25-1302 (“Procedure to register order for enforcement”)
  • 25-1303 (“Effect of registration for enforcement”)
  • 25-1305 (“Notice of registration of order”)
  • 25-1306 (“Procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered support order”)
  • 25-1307 (“Contest of registration or enforcement”)
  • 25-1309 (“Procedure to register child support order of another state for modification”)
  • 25-1310 (“Effect of registration for modification”)
  • 25-1311 (“Modification of child support order of another state”)
  • 25-1312 (“Recognition of order modified in another state”)
  • 25-1313 (“Jurisdiction to modify child support order of another state if individual parties reside in this state”)
  • 25-1314 (“Notice to issuing tribunal of modification”)
  • 25-1315 (“Jurisdiction to modify child support order of foreign country”)
  • 25-1316 (“Procedure to register child support order of foreign country for modification”)

Support Proceeding Under Convention

  • 25-1333 (“Relationship of department of economic security to United States central authority”)
  • 25-1334 (“Initiation by department of economic security of support proceeding under convention”)
  • 25-1336 (“Registration of convention support order”)
  • 25-1337 (“Contest of registered convention support order”)
  • 25-1338 (“Recognition and enforcement of registered convention support order”)
  • 25-1339 (“Partial enforcement”)
  • 25-1340 (“Foreign support agreement”)
  • 25-1341 (“Modification of convention child support order”)
  • 25-1342 (“Personal information; limit on use”)
  • 25-1343 (“Record in original language; English translation”)

Interstate Rendition

  • 25-1361 (“Grounds for rendition”)
  • 25-1362 (“Conditions of rendition”)

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