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Witness Preparation in Arizona Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Mon 7th Oct, 2019 Arizona Divorce Laws

Importance of Witness Preparation

Let’s face it, litigants are spending tens of thousands of dollars to ensure they get what they want from their divorce. They hire attorneys, experts, and evaluators to help them “win” – sometimes no matter what the cost. They should also consider looking into witness preparation in Arizona divorce and child custody cases.

Winning might mean getting spousal maintenance, keeping the business, keeping a majority of the assets or, being granted sole legal decision making and a preferred parenting plan. However, many of these litigants are already beaten down by their soon to be ex or they may be nervous or hypervigilant and may not present their best selves during litigation.

Some litigants may have behavioral issues that cause them to present in an unfavorable way. Unfortunately, when they are being evaluated, the evaluator can only see how the litigant is acting at the time of the evaluation; when they are in court, the judge only sees how they present themselves at that time. The goal is to get the clients to present their best selves and provide only relevant information.

In an effort to help litigants present their best selves, Launi Sheldon of Strategic Legal Services has developed procedures and practices to help bring out the best in clients.

When preparing clients for deposition, Launi helps them understand the procedure of depositions and teaches them to really listen to the questions and answer only the question being presented. Launi spends time practicing with the clients so they will be comfortable with the process.

When preparing someone for trial, Launi may spend several hours preparing clients to help them become comfortable with the procedures. If the client appears very anxious, Launi may even accompany them to observe a hearing at court at which time she will explain all that is happening.

She has found clients present better when they are less anxious. She has also found clients become a lot less anxious when they have a clear idea of what to expect.

Launi helps parents prepare for all types of custody evaluations by simply helping them to understand the process and getting them to really focus on what is important. Launi helps her clients become very goal-oriented to ensure they only present relevant information that will help them to achieve their goals.

Finally, Launi helps some clients improve their demeanor and body language to ensure clients are not judged negatively due to little quirks they may have. In some instances, it is important to help clients stop certain behaviors or habits and replace those with better behaviors and habits.

Since the inception of Strategic Legal Services, Launi has watched her clients enjoy the successful outcomes of their evaluations and litigations.

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Launi Sheldon’s Biography

Launi Sheldon graduated from law school in 2000. Launi immediately began practicing in the family law arena. During her career as a family law litigation attorney, Launi was determined to help parents who were going through a very difficult time in their lives.

In an effort to help stop domestic violence, in 2011 Launi created ProperComm, a business designed to eliminate abusive communication between parents.

The United States Patent Office determined that the idea was so unique that they granted Launi a patent on the business idea and process. ProperComm has been used internationally to help stop abuse during and after divorce.

In 2018, Launi decided to stop her practice as a family law litigation attorney, opting to focus her attention on preparing other lawyers’ clients for evaluations, depositions, and trials.

Launi Sheldon is a published author whose book, Custody Evaluation Preparation, has been sold internationally.  Launi is also is a regular presenter on the subject of Custody Evaluation Preparation.

If you have questions about witness preparation in divorce and child custody cases in an Arizona divorce case, you should seriously consider contacting the attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC. Our Arizona child custody and family law attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience successfully representing clients in child custody and family law cases.

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