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Guidelines for Supervised Parenting Time in Arizona

Thu 9th Feb, 2017 Arizona Child Custody Laws

What is Supervised Parenting Time?

Supervised parenting time in Arizona is a term used to describe when a judge orders that one parent be allowed to have limited contact with their children. It is often mandated in situations where a parent’s past behavior puts a child’s safety into question and is authorized by Arizona Revised Statute Section 25-(D).

Supervised parenting time allows parents to foster relationships with their children while ensuring the safety of the child.

Supervised parenting time may be used when there is physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness if the parent is not compliant with medication and/or treatment, kidnapping the child, hiding a child from the other parent, or leaving the state without authorization.

Why is Supervised Parenting Time Ordered in Arizona?

Supervised parenting time is ordered to ensure that the children of parents who have a history of abuse or other problems are kept safe. It also allows for a parent to maintain contact with their child and to be involved in their life.

What is Supervised Parenting Time in Arizona

Supervised parenting time means that a third party is present when the parent and child are together. The third party may be another

How is the Supervised Parenting Time Schedule Created?

The supervised parenting time schedule is created around the child’s and parents daily schedule and written into a parenting plan.

The supervised parenting time schedule should also take into account factors such as child’s age, location, and other family members’ schedules if a family member will be supervising the parenting time.

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What are the Provider’s Responsibilities During Supervised Parenting Time?

The provider’s responsibilities during supervised parenting time are to ensure the safety of the children and to conduct the visit in a professional manner. The provider must also abide an rules or conditions imposed by a judge on the supervised parenting time.

If the child becomes distressed or their safety is at risk, the provider may have the right to interrupt, reschedule, or terminate the visit. The provider is not allowed to provide legal advice or act as a third party that the parent can vent upon.

What are the Parent’s Responsibilities During Supervised Parenting Time?

When parents have supervised parenting time with their children, there are certain guidelines that should be followed.

The first responsibility of the parent should be to ensure that supervised parenting time occurs in a public place. This is to attempt to ensure the safety of the child and the supervisor.

The second responsibility of the parent is to ensure that the supervisor is approved by both parents or the court.

The third responsibility of the parent is to have positive interactions with their child to make the most out of an already difficult situation for both the parent and the child.

What are the Things That are not Allowed During Supervised Parenting Time?

Supervised Parenting Time in Arizona.

There are many things a parent should not do before, during and after supervised parenting time, such as the following:

Not picking up or dropping off at the right place or time.

Arbitrarily changing the visitation schedule.

Withholding visitation from the other parent.

Overstaying a visit with the child.

Attempting to visit the child at non-appointed times.

What Should I Do if There is a Violation of the Supervised Parenting Time Order?

Violations of the supervised parenting time orders should be reported to the court that issued the orders. If there is a violation of the terms and provisions of the supervised parenting time order, it will be treated seriously by the court. This is because any violations could put the child’s safety at risk.

If there are legitimate reasons for a change in the visitation schedule, parents should ask the court to change the supervised parenting time schedule or conditions.

Attempting to modify an order on your own without a judge’s approval creates problems.

What if the Other Parent Doesn’t Follow the Supervised Parenting Time Rules?

Rules for Supervised Parenting Time in Arizona.
Rules for Supervised Parenting Time in Arizona.

If the other parent doesn’t follow supervised parenting time rules, then the parenting time may end; depending on the wording of your particular parenting time orders.

The parenting time supervisor is responsible for being present during the entirety of the parenting time to ensure the mental and physical safety of the child.

If, at any time, the supervisor feels that the safety of the child is threatened in any way or that communication to the child or in the child’s presence is harmful to the child, then it is the supervisor’s obligation to intervene to stop the harmful actions and, in some cases, may be a basis to terminate the supervised parenting time.

How Can I Get Help if I am Having Problems with Supervised Parenting Time?

If you are having problems with supervised parenting time, the first thing you should do is seek trusted legal advice from a family law attorney.

You should only enter into a supervision order if you have no other choice.

A supervision order can be devasting to the parent because it can take a very long time to get rid of it.

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