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Arizona Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Statutes

The Arizona State Legislature created the laws that apply to the Arizona Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act statutes. Those laws were enacted as the following set of statutes:

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General Provisions

  • 25-1003 (“Proceeding governed by other law”)
  • 25-1004 (“Application to Indian tribes”)
  • 25-1005 (“International application of chapter”)
  • 25-1006 (“Effect of child custody determination”)
  • 25-1008 (“Notice to persons outside this state”)
  • 25-1009 (“Appearance and limited immunity”)
  • 25-1010 (“Communication between courts; definition”)
  • 25-1011 (“Taking testimony in another state”)
  • 25-1012 (“Cooperation between courts; preservation of records”)
  • 25-1013 (“Military deployment; home state”)


  • 25-1031 (“Initial child custody jurisdiction”)
  • 25-1032 (“Exclusive continuing jurisdiction”)
  • 25-1033 (“Jurisdiction to modify determination”)
  • 25-1034 (“Temporary emergency jurisdiction”)
  • 25-1035 (“Notice; opportunity to be heard; joinder”)
  • 25-1036 (“Simultaneous proceedings”)
  • 25-1037 (“Inconvenient forum”)
  • 25-1038 (“Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct”)
  • 25-1039 (“Information to be submitted to court”)
  • 25-1040 (“Appearance of parties and child”)


  • 25-1052 (“Enforcement under Hague convention”)
  • 25-1054 (“Temporary visitation”)
  • 25-1055 (“Registration of child custody determination”)
  • 25-1056 (“Enforcement of registered determination”)
  • 25-1057 (“Simultaneous proceedings”)
  • 25-1058 (“Expedited enforcement of child custody determination”)
  • 25-1059 (“Service of petition and order”)
  • 25-1060 (“Hearing and order”)
  • 25-106 (“Warrant to take physical custody of child”)
  • 25-1062 (“Costs, fees, and expenses”)
  • 25-1063 (“Recognition and enforcement”)
  • 25-1065 (“Role of attorney general”)
  • 25-1066 (“Role of law enforcement”)
  • 25-1067 (“Costs and expenses”)

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