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Disadvantages of a Legal Separation in Arizona

Posted on : May 12, 2017, By:  Christopher Hildebrand
Disadvantage of a Legal Separation in Arizona

Disadvantages of a Legal Separation

Recently, the team at Hildebrand Law has taken the time to explore what goes into a legal separation, what differentiates it from filing for divorce, the advantages spouses can get from taking this route, and what advantages a couple can find in a legal separation. While the advantages can make sense given certain situations and lifestyles, sometimes the separation agreement is less than agreeable for some spouses.

Even though maintaining health insurance might be a nice draw and there is no conflict with any personal, religious, or cultural beliefs by getting a divorce can make legal separations desirable, there are other facets of such an agreement that can strongly deter spouses from agreeing to such an arrangement.
Disadvantages of a Legal Separation in Arizona
Today, the Hildebrand Law team wants to take a look at some of the potential disadvantages involved with legal separation agreements and why you may want to consider an alternative. If you need help with a family law matter or have questions regarding separation agreements, give the team at Hildebrand Law a call.

A Legal Separation Renders You Unable to Remarry

The nature of a legal separation is to eliminate most of the obligations of a married couple, while keeping the essence of the vows and legal side of marriage intact. This means that, although separated, couples that have completed a separation agreement are still betrothed to one another. Though the spouses may have some sort of agreement regarding their respective romantic lives, a legal separation does not end the marriage in its entirety.

This means you cannot get remarried. This can make legal separation less desirable to couples who have intentions of moving on from the current marriage, even if they find themselves benefiting in other facets of their life. The ability to marry again means the ability to move on for some, and this can be a strong deterrent for legal separation.

Just as Much Complexity as You’d Find with a Divorce

Legal separation is often the sought after option for couples seeking a way to maintain some marital benefits without the relationship. Because of the complexity involved, there will be a great deal of proceedings, legal counsel, and paperwork. Not only do assets, debts, and credits have to be addressed, property must be divided amongst the spouses accordingly, and things like child custody and alimony are also calculated and ordered. With this, it becomes apparent that the work involved in setting up a legal separation agreement can be just as much, if not more than what is required for a divorce.

It is important to understand that a legal separation does not mean you get off the hook with the work and complexity that comes with filing for divorce. In some cases, filing for a legal separation can bring with it even more work, something that might be less than appealing for couples.

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A Legal Separation May Not Be Necessary

It is not uncommon for couples to find themselves wondering what they can do to save their marriage before they settle upon divorce. In those cases, they often believe that a legal separation is the answer. Rather than seeing it for what it is, many couples have an understanding that separation is like a trial run that precedes divorce. While a trial separation can certainly serve this function, filing for a full legal separation, only to find yourself aiming for a divorce later down the line is unnecessary and could cost you more than it saves.

An informal separation can be far more effective and save you from unnecessary expenditures. A legal separation agreement is not a replacement for something like marriage counseling or the clarity of an informal separation may provide. While it might seem like the right idea at the time, the potential doubling up on court proceedings, paperwork, and legal fees alone is less than desirable, much less the time that could be saved if you and your spouse figure out the best course of action before making any decisions regarding a divorce or legal separation.
Disadvantages of a Legal Separation in Arizona
Be sure to explore other avenues that can give you and your spouse clarity and assurance on your decisions before pulling the trigger. Legal separation is an option for couples who seek to maintain some of the legal and financial benefits that come with being married. While things like tax credits and the ability to keep insurance is great, sometimes a legal separation can be more trouble than it is worth for couples.

If one or both spouses have a desire to get married again, for example, a legal separation does not negate the former marriage and, as such, prevents the parties from being eligible to remarry. It is also not an effective way to explore options, as there are more effective informal methods that can save both time and money.

If you are considering getting a divorce or filing for legal separation, be sure you are supported by a competent legal team. The legal experts at Hildebrand Law have years of experience in family law and divorce cases, and we are proud to provide Arizona residents with the legal advice they need, so reach out and discover how we can help you today.

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