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Categories of Alimony in Arizona

Posted on : May 24, 2017, By:  Christopher Hildebrand
Categories of Alimony in Arizona

Categories of Alimony in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, spouses who go through the divorce process will often be subject to some kind of alimony or spousal maintenance payment more often than not. Alimony falls under a high level of scrutiny from courts in terms of who is eligible and if certain requirements are met. Otherwise, alimony may not be appropriate for a given case, so it is important the court examines all of these things to determine the best course of action. If they are met and a spouse is granted alimony, they may find themselves with a permanent award, but often find themselves instead having a rehabilitative or temporary spousal maintenance award. As all of this can get confusing, the team at Hildebrand Law is here to ensure anyone who finds themselves in these situations is well-equipped to handle it. Categories of Alimony in ArizonaHere you will find a quick breakdown of the difference between permanent and temporary alimony and in what situations each will apply. If you find yourself facing any family law, divorce agreement, or child custody issues, be sure to trust the legal experts at Hildebrand Law for all of your litigation and legal counsel needs.

Permanent Alimony

Far more uncommon nowadays, permanent alimony is almost exactly what the name entails. Usually the product of a long marriage or other impactful circumstances, permanent alimony is an award granted by the petitioning spouse in perpetuity. Until the spouse who is awarded the permanent alimony passes away, they will receive a monetary payment from their former spouse. This is highly uncommon, as the circumstances and life situations of each party involved seldom warrant this extreme option.

Temporary Alimony

Also known as “pendente lite” spousal maintenance, this type of alimony is the most common. When a spouse is found to be eligible for maintenance, it is often because the circumstances of the marriage led to one spouse not having marketable job skills or such a long gap in their resume that finding a job is difficult. Temporary alimony is often referred to as rehabilitative because it gives the spouse time to reenter the workforce or find a way to support themselves as they adjust to single life. Categories of Alimony in ArizonaBecause this adjustment will not take an entire lifetime, judges will often award temporary alimony for a set period of time to ensure both parties understand the time limits of this situation and how to best adjust in that time frame.

Family law, especially divorce proceedings and alimony, can be difficult to understand without proper guidance. From knowing what defines alimony eligibility to ensuring all obligations are met without an issue, this area of law is highly stressful. That’s why it’s important you have a legal expert you can trust if and when these situations arise. If you find yourself facing a divorce proceeding, have questions regarding alimony, or need help with another area of family law, Hildebrand Law is ready to help. As experts in Arizona family law, our team has seen more than their fair share of legal issues, so give us a call and find out how we can help today.

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