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Are you facing a divorce in Arizona? The Arizona divorce attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC understand how traumatic a divorce is to our clients, as well as the initial fear of not knowing what may occur regarding custody of children, child support, alimony (i.e., spousal maintenance), payment of bills, and the division of assets. Our Arizona divorce lawyers have a thorough understanding of Arizona divorce laws, Arizona child custody laws, Arizona child support laws, Arizona alimony laws, and Arizona community property laws.

The Arizona divorce lawyers at Hildebrand Law, PC immediately address our clients concerns with every new client through a comprehensive meeting with the client, the lawyer assigned to your case, and the lawyer's paralegal during which hours are spent with each client discussing the facts of their case, the law that applies to their case, the likely outcome regarding each issue, the processes available to settle those issues, a thorough outline of the litigation process if the case proceeds to trial, and the costs involved.

The lawyer and the client then discuss and agree upon the most appropriate strategy to resolve the case, whether that be through settlement or taking the case to trial. The Arizona divorce lawyers at Hildebrand Law, PC empower clients by thoroughly educating every client and directly involving each client in establishing the strategy to be employed to resolve the issues in his or her case.

Our process of educating Hildebrand Law, PC clients on the entire Arizona divorce process, of allowing our clients to thoroughly educate the lawyer assigned to his or her case of the detailed and relevant facts, and the client having substantial involvment in the litigation strategy and decisions throughout his or her case puts our clients back in control of their lives.

Our clients have repeatedly reiterated how fearful and confused they were before they hired Hildebrand Law, PC and how confident and relieved they were after our initial comprehensive case strategy meeting.

As the adage goes, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail". Call now to schedule your initial consultation with a Hildebrand Law, PC Arizona divorce attorney today and take back control of your life. If you would like to learn more about our experience in Arizona divorce cases or you wish to speak with an attorney at our Arizona divorce law firm, please call (480) 305-8300.

Family Law Attorney

The Arizona family law attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC have over 40 years of combined Arizona family law experience. Our Arizona family law firm has established a solid reputation for being vigorously prepared and organized, whether appearing on behalf of our clients at settlement conferences or representing our clients in trials.

Our Scottsdale family law attorneys are committed to practicing exclusively in the areas of Arizona divorce and family law related cases. Our Arizona family law attorneys focus on excelling at communications and strategic planning with our clients to achieve the best family law results for all our clients.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an Arizona family law issue, we encourage you to consider our team of highly experienced Arizona family law attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC. Our law firm represents those facing divorce, Arizona child custody, Arizona spousal maintenance, Arizona paternity, Arizona child support, Arizona child abuse, Arizona community property, Arizona military divorce or Arizona legal separation issues.

"Best Family Law Firm" 2013 & 2014

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Scottsdale Estate Planning Lawyer

A properly executed Arizona estate plan provides you with the tools to ensure your family is secure and ensures you the peace of mind that your family will not be burdened with an unnecessary probate of your estate. The Arizona estate planning lawyers at Hildebrand Law, PC are here to help guide you through the process of establishing a well crafted estate plan giving you the power to divide your assets and take care of your loved ones as you see fit.

A well drafted Arizona estate plan removes uncertainty regarding who will manage and control your assets. Through the correct establishment of an Arizona will and/or Arizona trust plan with our Arizona estate planning attorneys, you can avoid probate. The Arizona estate planning lawyers at Hildebrand Law, PC provide estate planning services that include asset protection, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced healthcare directives and more.

Arizona Probate Lawyer

An Arizona Probate can be an extremely emotionally, stressful and expensive experience when handled incorrectly. Our Arizona probate attorneys focus upon providing effective solutions in Arizona probate cases. Our Arizona probate lawyers spend the time to explain the entire Arizona probate process, obtain the relevant facts related to your case, discuss the applicable Arizona probate laws in detail with you, and arrive at an effective strategy to either settle your probate issues or thoroughly prepare your case for Trial, if necessary.

If you find yourself in need of an Arizona probate attorney or need advice on Arizona probate laws due to the lack of an enforceable estate plan, we encourage you to speak with a Hildebrand Law, PC probate lawyer today. Probate matters can be very complicated and, without a qualified Arizona probate attorney, your inheritance rights and other benefits may be lost. Our probate law firm recommends learning how to avoid probate in Arizona through a proper estate plan.

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Hildebrand Law, PC would like to thank you for considering our team of Arizona divorce lawyers, family law attorneys, estate planning lawyers and probate attorneys for your legal matter. Our legal professionals are dedicated to achieving results for every one of our clients. We hope you consider meeting with one of our experienced family law attorneys or estate planning lawyers to learn how we can help you today.

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