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Hildebrand Law, PC is a Scottsdale, Arizona divorce, family law, and estate planning law firm focused exclusively on family law matters. We are not the type of law firm that divides its focus across different practice areas. The exclusive focus of our Scottsdale family lawyers on family law enables us to stay current on all relevant laws that impact our clients and their families. We are often called upon by other Arizona divorce attorneys to provide divorce mediation in Arizona cases.

What separates us from other Scottsdale divorce attorneys is that we are not the traditional law firm that believes the relationship between the attorney and a client is nothing more than a business transaction, that clients should not be involved in the legal and strategic decisions made in their case, or that believes an attorney holds a position of prominence in relation to their clients.

“Our Clients’ Victories Form the Foundation Of Our Success.”

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To the contrary, Scottsdale Arizona divorce lawyers and every one of our exceptional support staff are friendly, approachable, transparent, trustworthy and competent and the numerous positive Five Star Reviews by our clients and other attorneys, as well as our Awards and Recognitions, reflect that a law firm can be more successful by shedding the outdated way the legal profession approaches relationships with clients. We adopted a better “client focused” practice that creates a cooperative and trusting relationship with our clients.

Whether you are considering or are currently going through a divorce, legal separation, paternity matter, child custody case or are simply in need of an estate plan to protect your family, you probably have many questions regarding the laws that apply to your case, the likely outcome of your case, how long your case will take to be resolved, and how much it will cost to reach your desired goals. As importantly, you may be trying to figure out how to find the best Arizona divorce, family law, or estate planning attorney to protect your family.

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Unlike many other law firm websites that fail to provide much, if any, useful information on these subjects. We believe the best way to serve our clients, as well as others who may choose to represent themselves, is to provide substantial information on the Arizona divorce and estate planning laws, information on the entire Arizona divorce and estate planning processes, and to educate you to prepare yourself, either with our help or on your own, to get through that process as effectively as possible to give you the best chance of receiving a successful outcome in your case.

Scottsdale Arizona Divorce Lawyers | Hildebrand Law, PC

Our team of Scottsdale divorce attorneys have over one hundred (100) years combined experience in divorce and related family law matters. We have handled literally hundreds of divorce and family law cases in Arizona. Our divorce attorneys are not likely to encounter a single issue in your case that we haven’t already handled many times over. At Hildebrand Law, PC, we take the time to sit down with each individual client to discuss the entire Arizona divorce process from beginning to end, to ensure you understand everything that’s going to happen in your case, when those events will occur, and what we can do to help you navigate through that process.

Every one of our clients understands the entire Arizona divorce process from beginning to end. We talk about temporary orders hearings, and whether or not such a hearing is appropriate in your case. We will talk to you about a Resolution Management Conference and how we will prepare for that hearing. We will talk to you about Alternative Dispute Resolution conferences (“ADR”) and mediation and discuss how we may use mediation to resolve your case.

We accumulate all the evidence to determine what is fair, and if the other side is taking unreasonable positions, we will take your case to trial. We talk to you about using a Parenting Coordinator and how they may benefit you. Additionally, we will talk about Family Law Masters and how they may benefit you on your case. We will also talk about using Child Custody Evaluators and how we work with them to obtain the best possible outcome on your case. If there is a family business involved, we will talk to you about hiring a business appraiser and explain how we work with them to provide the best possible outcome on your case. If spousal maintenance is an issue in your case, we will talk to you about hiring a vocational expert to testify at your trial, as well as explaining all of the statutory factors that apply to your spousal maintenance case and how we may use those statutes to your advantage.

Please feel free to read more detailed information and watch legal videos by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions pages located on the right column of this page or learn much more about the law that applies to your case by visiting our Arizona Divorce Laws, Arizona Legal Separation Laws, Arizona Community Property Laws, Arizona Alimony Laws, Arizona Paternity Laws, Arizona Child Custody Laws, Arizona Child Abuse Laws, Arizona Child Support Laws and Arizona Restraining Orders Laws pages for more detailed information on those Scottsdale Arizona Estate Planing Attorneys particular practice areas.

Scottsdale Estate Planning Attorneys

Many of our family clients discover a need to either create an estate plan or modify a previously drafted estate plan.  We have an estate planning division to serve the interests of those clients.  We truly want to provide full service to divorce and family law clients by enabling them to seamless move on with the creation or modification of their existing estate plan with the same firm with whom they have already created trust.

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The Scottsdale attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC have over one hundred (100) years of combined family law experience. We are here to answer any family law questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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