How Much Does a Divorce Cost in AZ

If you are getting divorced in Arizona, you may be nervous about the Arizona divorce process. In many cases, it is an easier process than you may believe. In some cases you will be the only active participant if your spouse does not file a response to your divorce petition. In other cases, you and your spouse may agree to the terms in your divorce case. If you fall into either of these categories, you will not need to go to trial.

An Arizona divorce case that is quickly settled or resolved because the opposing party fails to file his or her required response will typically cost approximately $2,500.00 to $3,000.00, which includes the court’s filing fee, the cost of an attorney drafting the initial Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, the cost of serving the opposing party with that initial Petition, and the cost of an attorney drafting either a Marital Settlement Agreement and Consent Decree or Default Divorce Decree.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in AZ | Contested Cases

If your case does not settle, your costs for a divorce in Arizona will vary depending upon your choice of legal representation, as well as how complicated your case may be. The more issues you and your spouse agree upon, the faster and more affordable the divorce process will be. To get started, you may initiate the divorce by contacting your Arizona divorce attorney and request that he or she file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the Court.

Most Arizona divorce lawyers charge between $275.00 to $450.00 per hour. You can find divorce attorneys in Arizona that charge less than the range provided. The rate a lawyer may charge for their services has to be based upon his or her years of experience, their skill and reputation for providing results, and how many clients are trying to retain a particular lawyer because of their skill and experience.

You can find attorneys that charge less, but you should be very careful about making such a decision. Your financial future and the well being of your children will be materially impacted by what happens in your divorce case. You should, therefore, be very wary of relying upon a discount rate lawyer because there is likely a reason they have to charge less for their services.

The other advantage of hiring a higher priced attorney who has the skills and reputation you need is because that attorney will have the legal answers at his or her fingertips and likely be able to cite you to specific statutory and case law that supports your case. An inexperienced or unskilled discount divorce attorney will have to charge you hours to research legal issues, which costs you more.

If you are not able to reach an agreement with your spouse regarding the terms of your divorce, you may also use an experienced Arizona family law attorney as a mediator. Successful mediation of your divorce case will significantly decrease the overall cost of divorce. Most mediations can be completed in two to four hours.

In situations where mediation is not successful, you and your divorce attorney will have to present your case to a judge at a trial. Ultimately, the cost of a divorce varies depending upon the complexity of your case. An experienced Arizona divorce attorney should be able to give you an estimate of how much your divorce will cost in Arizona before you decide whether to hire him or her.

If you need to discuss your Arizona divorce and receive an estimate of how much your Arizona divorce case may cost, contact the Arizona divorce and family law attorneys at Hildebrand Law.