Can I Convert My Marriage to a Covenant Marriage?

People who are already married may change (or “convert”) their marriage into a covenant marriage. In this situation, it is not necessary to have premarital counseling or to apply for a marriage license and go through a marriage ceremony. To convert a marriage, the married couple must pay a fee (prescribed in Section 12-284(A) of the Arizona Revised Statutes) to the Clerk of the Superior Court and present two things:

  • A written statement (“declaration”) like the one printed for unmarried persons seeking a covenant marriage;
  • A sworn statement listing the names and social security numbers of both spouses and the date and place their marriage ceremony was performed;

Can I Convert My Marriage to a Covenant Marriage
Some courts have forms for married couples to complete this process. The Clerk of the Superior Court will file the documents and issue a certificate stating that the earlier marriage is converted to a covenant marriage. However, the process of converting a marriage will not legalize a marriage that was not properly entered into or that is prohibited by Arizona law.

The necessary forms for conversion to a covenant marriage may be submitted to the Clerk of the Superior Court in any county of the state and to some justices of the peace, city clerks or town clerks. You may call the Clerk of the Superior Court in your county for more information.

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