Parenting Class and Divorce in AZ

Parenting Class During a Divorce in Arizona

In Arizona, parents going through a divorce or a legal separation are required to fulfill an essential requirement: complete an approved parent education class. The court may also order people who previously took the Parenting Information Program class to take the course a second time if the court believes children are negatively affected by continuing conflict between the parents. Many people question the need for the parenting class, but this is usually before they understand the information provided in the parent education class.

Why is the Parent Education Class Required for Parents in Arizona divorce and legal separation cases?

Parenting Class During a Divorce in Arizona.

Parenting Class During a Divorce in Arizona.

In some Arizona counties, the Parent Education Class is called the Parent Information Program. Regardless of the name it goes by in your county, the classes are designed to share information with parents who are going through a divorce or legal separation to understand how the process can impact their family, as well as the process of restructuring a family and the divorce court process in general. It specifically focuses on how all aspects of divorce can affect a child and allows parents to explore some relevant topics including:

  • What to do to help your child adjust to your legal separation or divorce
  • The factors that commonly contribute to a healthy adjustment of the child to changes wrought by divorce
  • The importance of parenting plans in aiding children in successfully adjusting
  • Emotional effects of separation/divorce on children and their parents
  • Parental conflict and the harmful effect it can have on children
  • The escalation of parental conflict to domestic violence
  • How to reduce parental conflict
  • Common problems and how to deal with them or avoid them altogether
  • Parental behaviors that are harmful and parental behaviors that are helpful
  • Excellent communication and co-parenting skills
  • Community resources available to divorcing parents
  • Typical court procedures and the divorce process
  • Typical reactions of children to divorce and related legal proceedings (paternity, etc.)
  • How the age of the child can affect how they respond
  • The responsibilities of the parents, both emotional and financial
  • How to identify when children are having serious problems

Parenting Class Divorce AZ | Protecting Children in Divorce

The Parent Education class provides divorcing parents with information that assists them in making the divorce process smoother for both themselves and their children. It is a required element of the Arizona divorce process. Divorce is often a tough time for everyone involved. According to experts, parents who attend this type of class can keep a more cooperative relationship as parents. This is very beneficial for the children. This kind of class also decreases the chances the divorcing couple will need to return to court for additional proceedings in the future.

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