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Arizona Divorce Laws | Divorce In AZ

Arizona Divorce Laws

Arizona Divorce Process Videos

Arizona Divorce Laws can be very complicated for those seeking a divorce in Arizona. For this reason, our Arizona divorce attorney, Chris Hildebrand, created an Arizona divorce law video series.

These frequently asked questions are based upon filing for divorce in AZ as well as other legal videos covering the topic of the Arizona divorce process. For additional information regarding Arizona divorce laws, Hildebrand Law PC encourages you to email one of our attorneys to receive answers to your questions regarding divorce laws in Arizona.

1. How does a divorce happen in Arizona?

2. What is the difference between a divorce and legal separation?

3. What happens if I am served with divorce or legal separation papers?

4. What is the process of finalizing a divorce?

5. Where do I get a divorce?

6. What are the benefits of filing for divorce first?

7. When can I start a divorce?

8. Do I need a reason to start a divorce?

9. How do I begin my divorce?

10. Can I receive child custody, child support or alimony during a divorce case?

11. Who has custody of children during a divorce case?

12. When do temporary orders take effect?

13. What is a default divorce?

14. Does the court offer any marriage saving services?

15. Can I represent myself in a divorce case?

16. How can I reclaim my maiden name?

17. Am I able to stop my divorce?

18. What does it mean to get a divorce?

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