Arizona Child Custody Statutes

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Child Custody Statutes in Arizona

The Arizona State Legislature created the laws that apply to Arizona child custody cases. Those laws were enacted as the following set of statutes:

Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time

  • 25-403
  • Legal decision-making; best interests of child
  • 25-403.01
  • Sole and joint legal decision-making and parenting time
  • 25-403.03
  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • 25-403.04
  • Substance abuse25-403.05
  • Sexual offenders; murderers; legal decision-making and parenting time; notification of risk to child
  • 25-403.06
  • Parental access to prescription medication and records
  • 25-403.07
  • Identification of a primary caretaker and public assistance
  • 25-405
  • Interviews by court; professional assistance
  • 25-406
  • Investigations and reports
  • 25-407
  • Legal decision-making and parenting time hearings; priority; costs; record
  • 25-408
  • Rights of each parent; parenting time; relocation of child; exception; enforcement; access to prescription medication and records
  • 25-411
  • Modification of legal decision-making or parenting time; affidavit; contents; military families
  • 25-412
  • Expedited child support and parenting time fund
  • 25-413
  • Domestic relations education and mediation fund; report
  • 25-414
  • Violation of visitation or parenting time rights; penalties
  • 25-415
  • Sanctions for litigation misconduct
  • 25-416
  • Sexual assault conviction; effect on rights

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Child Custody Statutes in Arizona.

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