Sole and Joint Custody in an Arizona Child Custody Case

Learn About the Different Types of Sole or Joint Custody in Arizona from Our Arizona Licensed Attorney Chris Hildebrand of Hildebrand Law, PC.

During a divorce, a couple will have to agree on many difficult issues. Out of all the decisions which are involved in a divorce, perhaps the most difficult is in regards to child custody. Although both parents want what is best for their children, coming to an agreement regarding what this exactly looks like can prove to be problematic. The State of Arizona has rules and guidelines in place to help parents be able to work through these issues and seek to find a solution that is in the best interests of the child.

If the case has to be heard in family court, the judge will seek to make their decision based on what is best for the child. This, however, is not the only consideration of the court. The judge will hear from both parents and take into account their wishes in the matter.

If the child has to relocate, the judge will also take into consideration their ability to adjust to new living arrangements. If one of the parents has a history of domestic violence or substance abuse, this could also have a bearing on who receives custody.

Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

In Arizona, parents could be granted joint custody or one parent may be awarded sole custody. Joint legal custody means that both parents have the right to be involved in the raising of the child, including education, health care, religion, etc. Joint physical custody means that the child will spend an equal amount of time in both parents’ homes.

Sole legal custody and physical custody means that only one parent has the right to make decisions regarding the children or that the children only live with one parent. If you have more questions about child custody in Arizona or need assistance in ensuring that your rights regarding your kids are not violated, please contact our team at Hildebrand Law, PC today!

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Chris Hildebrand

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