Arizona Child Support Age Limit

One of the most common concerns after a divorce is when child support payments will end. Some people are worried about life changes that have made child support payments or spousal support an impossibility to maintain as designated in the original divorce decree. This can be addressed through a request for modification. In other cases, parents can be concerned about the fact that they never discussed an “end” to child support payments. As the child grows older, they begin to wonder…is there an age limit on Arizona child support payments? Does the order to pay child support eventually expire? And, if so, what age is the expiration date?

As you may know, parents are required by law to financially support their children. But it is important to know your rights regarding when your Arizona child support obligation is fulfilled. For parents of multiple children, there will be multiple dates on which the child support obligation will decrease and eventually (when the last child becomes of age) expire completely. But just as important as knowing your rights is remembering that you must follow procedure as required by the Arizona Child Support Guidelines in order to protect your rights as a parent and terminate your child support obligation at the appropriate time and in the correct manner.

 Arizona Child Support Age Limit | When Child Support Stops

In Arizona, a parent’s obligation to pay child support terminates or “expires” on the last day of the month in which the child turns 18 years old unless the child is still in high school. If the child is still in high school when they turn 18, the parent’s obligation to pay child support continues until the child graduates from high school or turns 19 years old. Exceptions to these guidelines can be made for special needs children who are unable to support themselves due to their disability and who, therefore, need additional time in the home with the financial support of their parents.

If you have a child order or Order of Assignment that was entered after January 1st, 2005, it most likely contains the date on which the child support order automatically terminates or expires. But even if the date is listed, it is still the parent’s responsibility to make sure the child support order and Wage Assignment are stopped. Unpaid child support or child support in arrears is still due even if the child has reached an age of majority and/or the child support order has been terminated. Parents paying support for multiple children will need to file a Petition to terminate child support when each child reaches the age of 18 and graduates high school. It is not, generally speaking, automatically lowered.

If you have additional questions regarding your child support payments or how to stop child support payments, we can help you determine the answers. Please get in touch with one of our experienced Arizona child support attorneys at Hildebrand Law.