It is important to know how is income calculated for child support in Arizona. You should know the Arizona Child Support Guidelines require the Court to base child support upon the gross incomes of the parties. Income can be earned from a job, but it may also come from additional revenue earned from investments and other recurring sources, such as gifts, bonuses, stock options and any other form of compensation.

Learn How Income is Calculated For Child Support in Arizona.

Even employment benefits such as a military housing allowance, the employer’s cost of providing health insurance to employees and other benefits may be included in a parent’s gross income to calculate a parent’s gross income.

You may want to read our article on the decision from the Arizona Court of Appeals in the Patterson v. Patterson case for a discussion on the inclusion of employment benefits in a parent’s income to calculate child support.

You may also want to read our article on the decision from the Arizona Court of Appeals in the Engel v. Landman case to learn about the treatment of employee stock options when calculating child support in Arizona.

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In some situations, but certainly not all cases, the judge may include overtime income as a part of a parent’s gross income to establish or modifying a child support order. You should read our summary of the Arizona Court of Appeals’ decision in the McNutt v. McNutt case for more information on whether a court will include overtime when calculating child support in Arizona.

Although interest income from investments may also be included in income, the Arizona Court of Appeals in the Jenkins v. Jenkins case held that an increase in the value of property owned by a parent would not “normally” be included in the gross income of that parent to calculate child support.

How is Income Calculated for Child Support in Arizona?

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Other Frequently Asked Questions About Calculating Income and Child Support in Arizona:

Is child support based on income in Arizona?

Yes, Arizona is based on income, among other factors, in Arizona. Other factors include the age of the child, health insurance costs, and daycare costs as well.

How is child support calculated in the state of Arizona?

Arizona is calculated based upon the income shares model of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.

What is the average child support payment for one child in Arizona?

The average basic child support amount for one child is $1,365.50 which can range from a basic child support amount as low as $159.00 to a high of $2,572.00, not including any requested deviation in child support. However, that average basic child support amount does not include health insurance or daycare costs which also affect child support.