Child Custody Lawyers Arizona

Child Support and Paternity

When it comes to matters of child support and paternity, you may need child custody lawyers Arizona parents turn to on your side. Sometimes, the question of who is the father isn’t always so simple and we understand. Child custody lawyers in Arizona are here to help you at Hildebrand Law. Call today to schedule your free consultation at 480-305-8300.
Child Custody Lawyers Arizona
There are different terms for paternity under the law, which are discussed below.

Acknowledged Father

Some of the top child custody lawyers Arizona residents deserve may tell you that an acknowledged father occurs in situations when the parents are not married. In this case, the paternity is established by the agreement of the parents or the admission of the father.

If you are an acknowledged father, you may be required to pay child support.

Alleged Father

This is, again, a case in which the parents of the child are not married. The father in this case is called alleged or even unwed father. As an alleged father, you may be required to pay child support if you’ve acknowledged paternity to the court. Additionally, you may be able to seek custody or visitation rights.

As an alleged father, you may want to hire child custody lawyers Arizona fathers would recommend to help negotiate your rights to your child.

Equitable Parent

An equitable parent status may occur in situations where one spouse isn’t a legal parent of the child. In this case, a legal parent means an adoptive or biological parent. An equitable parent is one that has been acting as a parent to the child and the biological parent encouraged this relationship.

As an equitable parent, if you’re granted visitation or custody of the child, then you may also have to pay child support. In this case, it may be in your best interest to work with Arizona child custody lawyers to protect your interests.

Presumed Father

There are some presumptions that are made that determines that the man is indeed the father of the child.

If any of the below conditions are true, you may be considered a presumed father in a court of law:
Child Custody Lawyers Arizona

  • You were married to the mother when the child or children was conceived or born.
  • You married the mother of the child after the child was born and either put your name on the birth certificate or agreed to help support the child.
  • You openly acknowledged the child as your own and welcomed them into your home.

A presumed father may be required to pay child support. If you want to argue against being the father of the child, you may need to hire child custody lawyers Arizona respects to help you fight this status In some states, presumed paternity can’t be overturned even with blood tests.

If you need help with paternity issues or child support, call  the Hildebrand Law firm today for your free consultation. Child custody lawyers Arizona relies on are standing by to take your call at 480-305-8300.