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Hildebrand Law, PC divorce attorneys for professional athletes in Arizona have over 100 years of combined legal experience representing professional athletes in divorce.

In a lot of ways, a professional athlete going through a divorce faces the same issues as everyone else facing a divorce in Arizona.

There is some very important difference a professional athlete faces in a divorce in Arizona that requires you working with a divorce attorney who has experience representing professional athletes in Arizona divorce cases.

The Process of Divorce for Professional Athletes in Arizona

All divorce filings in Arizona are a matter of public record.

As a result, anyone can obtain copies of all pleadings, motion, and other documents filed with the court.

This includes all the documents filed by your attorney, as well as the documents filed by your spouse’s attorney.

These documents contain your personal information, such as the details of your sports contract.

These documents may include allegations that can impact your sports contract, as well as your professional reputation and earnings well into the future.

This negative information can affect your entire career.

Our experienced attorneys will not only protect your interests in a divorce but will also strive to protect your privacy.

We use tools such as Special Masters, mediation, and arbitration to keep your information as private and out of the public view as possible.

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Child Custody for Professional Athletes in Arizona

Child custody decisions can be affected because you are a professional athlete going through a divorce in Arizona.

The time you invest in training and traveling to games can create some inconsistency in your ability to spend as much time with your children as you want.

We address child custody issues for our professional athletes by creating a parenting plan that works around those problems.

We also suggest other solutions, such as hiring a nanny or utilizing friends and family members to care for the children.

Regardless of your situation, we offer solutions to ensure your professional responsibilities detract from your ability to spend quality time with your children.

Spousal Maintenance | Professional Athletes in Arizona

Arizona judges can order you to pay your spouse alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal maintenance, in Arizona.

There are many reasons the court issues an award of spousal maintenance in an Arizona divorce.

Professional athletes can earn a substantial amount, including bonuses and other benefits.

All employment income and other benefits can be included in your income when the court considers the issue of alimony.

In many cases, the spouse of a professional athlete is not currently employed.

He or she may even argue you should pay them an amount to allow them to maintain their current standard of living.

You need an attorney who is experienced representing doctors earning a large income who are faced with a claim for spousal maintenance to mitigate your exposure to paying spousal maintenance.

The extent of the assets you will be splitting, the number of debts you have, the standard of living you have maintained, and your spouse’s ability to obtain additional education, training and experience will all be factors to be considered.

You need a divorce lawyer experienced in representing professional athletes facing a claim for spousal maintenance. The terms of your sports contract, the number of assets you own, your debts, your standard of living, and your spouse’s ability to work will all be considered by the court.

Divorce Attorneys for Professional Athletes in Arizona.Division of Assets and Debts for Professional Athletes in Arizona

All community property acquired during the marriage is required to be equitably divided in an Arizona divorce.

There is a presumption that all property acquired during a marriage is community property.

That definition includes your sports contract.

You need an attorney who has worked with professional athletes to ensure your spouse does not “double-dip” in your divorce case by making a claim for spousal maintenance and also trying to assert a claim that you have to buy him or her out of the community value of that sports contract.

If an expert is retained to value your sports contract, you need an attorney who understands the valuation process of those sports contracts.

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