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If you are going through a divorce or legal separation, and if children are involved, questions regarding custody may be of the utmost concern.

The answer to this question can be rife with complexities.

Whether you’re the child’s parent, grandparent, or close relative, there are general guidelines a court may follow.

Due to these cases having to factor in various unique circumstances, it’s a smart choice to get advice from a child custody lawyer Scottsdale AZ trusts.

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Divorce and Child Custody Decisions

Parents in the midst of a divorce, or those who may be considering one, may wonder how child custody and visitation issues are addressed.

Typically, these issues are handled similarly to financial division, property division, or spousal support, all of which may be decided upon through an agreement between the divorcees.

The assistance of a child custody lawyer Scottsdale AZ provides is often useful in custody cases, and a lawyer can act as an efficient, unbiased legal advisor.

Child Custody Lawyer in Scottsdale Arizona.

Child Custody Lawyer in Scottsdale Arizona.

Custody decisions might also be resolved through:

  • Informal settlement negotiations between each party’s lawyer; or
  • Out-of-court dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation.

In some cases, especially when a resolution cannot be made, the family court will decide both custody and visitation.

The process is often much smoother when the decision does not go to court and rather overseen by a child custody lawyer in Scottsdale AZ.

Unmarried Parents and Child Custody Decisions

When a child’s parents are not legally married, the mother is usually awarded custody unless the father takes legal action in a paternity case.

In general, it is difficult for an unwed father to win child custody.

However, visitation rights may be obtainable if custody is not granted.

If the mother is deemed to be unfit, the father may have a chance at getting custody.

A child custody lawyer Scottsdale AZ respects can discuss your case and advise you of your possible options.

Non-Parental Child Custody Decisions

Sometimes another person, who is not the parent of the child, may seek custody.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other close relatives or family friends might be awarded custody or guardianship when the parents are inebriated, deceased, or whose whereabouts are unknown.

Scottsdale Arizona Child Custody Lawyer.

Scottsdale Arizona Child Custody Lawyer.

Get a Case Review of Your Child Custody Matter

If you’re going through a child custody issue, knowing your legal options could be vital to getting your desired outcome.

One of the most effective ways to understand the process is to retain a good lawyer.

To get a case review from Hildebrand Law, PC, call our child custody lawyers in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona at (480)305-8300.

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