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A paternity action in Arizona just refers to a situation of a child born out of wedlock. There is no presumption as to who is the father of the child when a child is born out of wedlock. The biological father has no legal rights to the child, no parenting rights, and no rights to make legal decisions for the child until the court declares who is the father of that child.

Paternity in Arizona Faq.

Paternity in Arizona Faq.

The most common way to establish paternity is by going to court and obtaining a Declaratory Judgment of Paternity. The parents may agree who is the father of the child and get a Declaratory Judgment of Paternity by that agreement. If the parties don’t agree or a party requests DNA testing, the court will order DNA testing to establish if a person is the father of the child.

Once paternity is established, the court will issue orders regarding legal decision-making regarding the child, parenting time, set current child support and, if necessary, enter a judgment for past child support.

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