What Are Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment in Arizona

An Order of Protection and an Injunction Against Harassment are two types of protective orders issued by a court forbidding a person from having contact with the individual requesting the protective order. The person seeking the protective order must allege facts to demonstrate that the other party has abused or repeatedly harassed the party seeking the order or that an act of violence is likely to occur in the future. The court may grant a spouse the exclusive use and possession of a common residence in the order of protection.

You must be able to show the court the person you want protection from has committed or may commit an act of violence or a series of harassing actions. You do not have to be physically injured to be a victim of domestic violence if you can show that the other person has done or may do any of the following:
What Are Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment in Arizona

  • endangered you;
  • threatened you or attempted to intimidate you;
  • assaulted you with their body or with a weapon;
  • interfered with the custody of your children;
  • restrained you or held you prisoner;
  • attempted or threatened to kidnap you;
  • trespassed upon your property or intentionally caused damage to your property;
  • Threateningly displayed a deadly weapon or threatened you with a deadly weapon;
  • committed other acts of disorderly conduct;

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