How to Get an Arizona Order of Protection Dismissed or Modified.

If you want to know how to get an Arizona order of protection dismissed or modified, you should first know a protective order is valid for one to two full years from the date it was served upon you.

You are entitled to request a hearing to require the other party to prove his or her allegations in court.

Request a Hearing to End an Arizona Order of Protection Sooner Than One to Two Years

You may apply for that hearing at any time before the expiration of that order by filing a request for hearing in the court that issued the order.

After listening to the testimony of witnesses, the court may uphold the protective order in its entirety, may modify the order, or may dismiss the order entirely.

The Judge Can Dismiss or Modify the Order of Protection After the Hearing

After the hearing concludes, your judge can either dismiss the order of protection entirely, which is referred to as quashing the Arizona Order of Protection, or he or she can modify the Arizona Order of Protection.

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Dismissing or Modifying an Arizona Order of Protection by a Stipulated No Contact Agreement and Order

One way to have an Arizona Order of Protection dismissed or modified is to enter into an agreed upon no agreement which you submit to the court with a form of order in exchange for the plaintiff agreeing to dismiss or modify the Arizona Order of Protection.

A no contact order is a form of restraining order to prevent you from having certain forms of contact with the Plaintiff and, if violated, can be a misdemeanor offense of Interference With Judicial Proceedings.

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