Legal Separation in Arizona

Arizona Legal Separation

Frequently clients will have questions regarding the difference between a divorce and a legal separation in Arizona and which option is best for their particular situation. For the most part, a divorce and a legal separation are similar; however, they do have some distinct and unique differences that should be understood.

Legal Separation in Arizona Faq.

Legal Separation in Arizona Faq.

Regardless of which route you take, you should know that both a divorce and a legal separation will result in the division of all your debts and assets, the entry of child custody orders, the entry of child support orders, and may include an order for an award of alimony, if appropriate.

It is also important to understand that if one party files for a legal separation and the other party files for divorce, the court is obligated to convert the legal separation case into a divorce case.

A legal separation case is different from a divorce case because you are not considered to be a single person when you get a legal separation and you, therefore, cannot remarry.

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