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Thank you for visiting our Arizona Child Abuse Laws Frequently Asked Questions page. We strive to provide you in-depth information on Arizona child abuse laws to help protect our children from abuse or neglect in Arizona. It is extremely unfortunate that any child should suffer from child abuse or neglect. It is important that anyone who has a reasonable suspicion a child is being abused or neglected report those concerns to either the police or a child protective service agency. You can make a difference in a child’s life.

Our founder, Christopher Hildebrand, has been protecting Arizona children from abuse and neglect his entire career as an Arizona divorce and family law attorney. He because so effective at protecting children from an abusive parent that many Arizona divorce and family law attorneys would refer their cases involving child abuse in a family law case to him. He has developed a practical and comprehensive approach to his child abuse cases.

He starts with retaining the highest qualified mental health professionals to conduct comprehensive counseling for the child. Over time, these children because providing disclosures of abuse. The reliability of these disclosures is determined by a series of questions we ask these providers. We also retain child custody evaluators to interview everyone involved with the family to obtain as much history as we can and we call those experts to testify at trial. If you are concerned a child is being abused or neglected, you can review the answers below to some of the common questions we receive about child abuse and neglect in Arizona.

Who is required to report child abuse or neglect in Arizona?

Can I be sued for making a child abuse report?

How do I report child abuse or neglect in Arizona?

Is a child abuse report confidential?

Does an Arizona juvenile court lose jurisdiction if a child’s parents move out of Arizona?

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