Who is Required to Report Child Abuse or Neglect in Arizona?

It comes as a surprise to most people that not everyone is required to report reasonable concerns of the abuse or neglect of a child. Of course, we all have a moral obligation to take the necessary steps to protect children, but the law just doesn’t require everyone to report such concerns.

The child abuse laws in Arizona provide that individuals who are required by law to report a reasonable concern regarding the abuse or neglect of a child are referred to as “mandatory reporters.” A mandatory reporter by is required by law to report, either to the law enforcement or Arizona Department of Child Safety, any reasonable belief a child has been either abused or neglected.
Who is Required to Report Child Abuse or Neglect in Arizona
The types of individuals who are mandatory reporters include: police officers, medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, mental health professionals (counselors, social workers and psychologists), school personnel, parents of the child, step-parents or guardians of children, or any person who is in a position of caring for a child, such as a day care provider or step-parent.

If you are a parent of a child and you believe the other parent is abusing or neglecting the children to the extent that such abuse or neglect places a child in imminent risk of serious harm, you may file an Emergency Petition to modify or suspend the other parent’s parenting time with the child.

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