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Thank you for visiting our meet our attorneys page.  We have a diverse group of experienced Scottsdale Arizona divorce and estate planning attorneys; each with their own personality.  We encourage you to watch all of the video profiles of our attorneys to determine which attorney you believe will be best for your case.

Scottsdale Arizona Divorce and Estate Planning Attorneys.Scottsdale Arizona Divorce and Estate Planning Attorneys.

Tips for Finding the Best Arizona Divorce Attorney for Your Divorce

We understand it can be a daunting task researching the best Arizona divorce attorney to represent you. Many people going through a divorce have never had to work with an attorney in the past and are searching for help in locating the best Arizona divorce attorney to protect their interests.

We are here to help educate you on the factors you should be evaluating when meeting with an Arizona divorce attorney. In our article entitled “Tips for Finding the Best Arizona Divorce Attorney for Your Divorce”, we provide you with an insider’s view on what makes a great Arizona divorce lawyer. We hope you find the information helpful and we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding what makes our practice unique.

Chris Hildebrand | Arizona Divorce Lawyer

Scottsdale Arizona Divorce Attorney

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Chris Hildebrand

Chris Hildebrand has practiced divorce and family law in Arizona for more than twenty years. Chris is regularly consulted by other divorce attorneys regarding the interpretation and application of divorce laws in their own cases. Chris is also a prolific author regarding divorce and family law on authoritative legal websites . . . Click Here to Read More About Chris.

Clarissa Reiman | Arizona Divorce Attorney

Arizona divvorce attorney

Clarissa Reiman | Arizona Divorce Attorney.

Clarissa has over sixteen years of experience as a litigation attorney. She started her legal career in Arizona in 2000 practicing in the area of commercial litigation with an large Arizona law firm. She discovered she had a greater desire to help people and families, as opposed to corporations, and made the transition to family law. She is very passionate  about having the opportunity to  . . . Click Here to Learn More About Clarissa.

Kevin Park | Arizona Family Law Attorneys

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Kevin Park

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Kevin Park

Kevin has been licensed as an attorney in the states of Arizona and California for more than twenty years. Kevin has always focused his practice of law on the practice of divorce and family law. Kevin has been called upon by other divorce attorneys to co-counsel with those Arizona family law attorneys to handle the complex financial issues in their client’s own cases with . . . Click Here to Learn More About Kevin.

Kip Micuda | Family Law & Estate Planning

Scottsdale Divorce and Estate Planning Attorney Kip Micuda.

Scottsdale Attorney Kip Micuda.

Kip Micuda has been practicing divorce and estate planning in Arizona for over twenty years. Kip has been regularly called upon to participate in numerous law related committees to provide advice and recommendations to those legal organizations. Kip has . . . Click Here to Learn More About Kip.

Michael Clancy | Family Law Attorney

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Michael Clancy

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Michael Clancy.

Michael jointed Hildebrand Law, PC after leaving a large Phoenix law firm seeking to associate with a more boutique law firm at Hildebrand Law, PC. Michael has a strong presence in the courtroom and has proven he can persuasively settle cases to save his clients . . .Click Here to Learn More About Michael.

Alan Cochran | Arizona Family Law Attorney

Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Alan Cochran

Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Alan Cochran.

Alan Cochran has over twenty years experience representing clients in Arizona divorce and family law cases. Alan is very passionate about the representation he provides his clients. His substantial years of experience mean Alan is not likely to run into a legal issues in your case that . . . Click Here to Learn More About Alan.

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