What to Do When Served With Divorce Papers

What to Do When Served With Divorce Papers | File a Response

It is important to know what to do when served with divorce papers in Arizona.  It is important not to ignore the documents that have been served upon you. The summons that was served upon you will inform you of deadlines you must meet to protect your legal rights.

One such right is the opportunity to file a written response to the petition within a certain number of days from the date you were served. The court may proceed with your divorce without your involvement if you do not file a correct written response with the court within the time allotted.

What to Do When Served With Divorce Papers | Time to Respond

If you were served while in the state of Arizona, you must file a response to that divorce petition within (20) days of the date that the process server gave those documents to you.

Not the date they were filed, but the date the process server served you with those documents. If you were served outside the state of Arizona and you are not an Arizona resident you must file your written response within (30) days of the date you were served with those divorce papers.