What Is The Standard Procedure to Modify Child Support in Arizona?

You may use the standard procedure to modify child support by filing a written petition with the court requesting a modification of child support if you can allege that a substantial and continuing change in circumstances has occurred since the date the court entered the prior child support order.

A substantial and continuing change in circumstances is presumed to exist when the proposed change results in a modification of the child support of at least 15% from the existing child support order. Most child support modifications arise from changes to the following factors:

    • A raise or cut in the salary or other regular income of either parent;
    • A change in custody of a child;
    • Addition of health insurance or a change in the availability of health insurance coverage;

What is the Standard Procedure to Modify Child Support in Arizona

  • Obligation of either parent to support other children
  • Additional unexpected medical or educational expenses
  • Other expenses for special needs of gifted or disabled children
  • Other costs for court-ordered supervised visitation or supervised exchanges
  • Increased cost of caring for the children

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