What Does it Mean if Your Divorce Case is on the Inactive Calendar?

Arizona judges are required by a mandate from the Arizona Supreme Court and rules promulgated by the Supreme Court to process cases efficiently to avoid prolonged litigation in divorce cases. The court does not automatically set a case for trial after a divorce petition is filed.

The rules require at least one of the parties to submit a Motion to Set and Certificate of Readiness to set the trial or file a Motion for a Resolution Management Conference, which is a request to meet with the judge before the trial is scheduled.
What Does it Mean if Your Divorce Case is on the Inactive Calendar
After a period of time, you may receive notice your case has been placed on the Inactive Calendar. The notice will provide a date by which you must either submit a settlement agreement, file a motion to set the case for trial or file a motion to schedule a Resolution Management Conference.

If you do not do one of those things by the date provided in the notice, your case will be dismissed. Therefore, it is essential to know the date you are required to file the necessary documents to avoid the dismissal of your case.

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