Same Sex Marriage Laws

The Supreme Court issued a ruling resolving the national issue of whether same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, along with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with the institution of marriage.

The ruling has put to rest a long standing fight by same sex couples to be entitled to create the institution of marriage. The ruling has significant legal implications for same sex couples in Arizona who choose to marry. Same sex couples will have the same rights and obligations all married couples share. These rights include the creation of community property, the right to inherit the property of the other, and the financial obligation to support each other financially, and, presumably, the right to be covered by the other spouse’s group health insurance plan.

Same Sex Marriage Laws | What It All Means

In the event these marital unions fail for any reason, the same sex couples will face the same challenges all couples face when confronted with a divorce. They will be subject to the same laws that provide for the equitable division of their community property and debts, may face disputes regarding the payment of spousal maintenance, and will have to resolve custody and parenting time children who have been adopted by the parties or was born as a result of Artificial Reproductive Technology.