Where do I Obtain a Protective Order in Arizona

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You may go to any city court, justice court or superior court to complete the Petition. You file the request for the protective order in any of these courts unless a prior dissolution of marriage or paternity case had been filed in the Superior Court in which case you should file the request for the protective order in the Superior Court.

Follow the instructions and fill out the sections of the Petition that ask you why you want the Order and what relief you want. Be as detailed as possible when you fill out the forms, making sure you have the following information if possible:

  • your address and phone number (or ask to keep it confidential);
  • your employer’s address and phone number;
  • the name of your child(ren)’s school(s) and the addresses and phone number(s) (only if included on Order);
  • other addresses you want the other person to stay away from;
  • the other person’s address, phone number, employer, and a description of that person;
  • any papers showing past civil or criminal court actions against that person;
  • any old orders of protection against that person;
  • A list of the things this individual has done and be specific; include dates, if you called the police or had to go to the doctor or hospital. Bring any police reports, medical records, etc.;

Where do I Obtain a Protective Order in Arizona?

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