Reasons for Divorce in Arizona

We all know someone who is divorced, someone whose parents are divorced, and someone who talks about getting divorced. In fact, that someone could be you. Why do we hear about divorce so much? What are the reasons for divorce in Arizona?

We hear about divorce constantly, because it is so common. The main reason for a divorce in Arizona is that some people may find themselves in an unhealthy marriage and, despite their best efforts, a divorce is the most healthy choice. We encourage couples to try to resolve their marital problems through counseling and addressing the reasons for divorce before deciding to end their marriage. In other cases, such as when a spouse is being abused, pursuing a divorce is safest and most healthy choice a person can make.
Reasons for Divorce in Arizona
Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, which means all you have to allege is that the marriage is irretrievably broken and do not need to prove any other reasons for divorce in Arizona. The court can order the parties to participate in mandatory counseling if requested by either party, but the court cannot force a couple to remain married if that counseling is not satisfied. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the more common reasons for divorce in Arizona.

Grounds for divorce in Arizona | Common Causes

Infidelity: A cheating spouse is a primary reason for divorce in Arizona. It is not surprising. We all pretty much know the risk associated with such actions. If you cheat on your significant other, they will often not be able to overcome the emotional hurt or regain the trust needed to continue the marriage.

Marrying Too Young: 46% of people who married when they were young answered a survey regarding divorce citing their feelings that their age when they married constituted a factor in their divorce. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that almost 50% of young marriages fail within the first fifteen years of the marriage. In comparison, the number is closer to 35% for couples who get married in their mid-twenties.

Lack of Preparation: 48% of those surveyed stated the reason for a divorce was because they were not prepared for the work necessary to have a successful marriage. They did not know what they were getting into! Some couples are now turning to premarital counseling to ensure this does not happen to their marriage.

Unrealistic Expectations: 45% responded that they felt unrealistic expectations led them to a dissolution of marriage. Flexibility is essential, but it is something almost every couple has to work on consistently.
Reasons for Divorce in Arizona
Abuse: In 29% of cases, the reason for a divorce was related to domestic violence. In these situations, divorce can become a much more complicated and often messy process. The most important thing in these situations is to focus on safety first. There are far too many deaths and serious physical, not to mention emotional, injuries that occur in some marriages. One incident is simply one too many.

One of the more unfortunate aspects of practicing family law is having to cope with the loss of life during or after a divorce has been filed. We cannot overemphasize enough the need to have a personal safety plan, which may be the greatest reason for a divorce in Arizona, that may include installation of an alarm system, seeking protection from a shelter, and pursuing other self-defense measures to protect yourself. You need to be prepared to be able to protect yourself in seconds when you understand the police response will be in minutes.

Lack of Equality: Close to 44% (one of the largest percentages in the survey) answered that they felt their marriage was unequal, that provided a reason for a divorce in Arizona, and that it eventually led them to dissolve the marriage. When one individual in the partnership feels an undue share of the load, it often leaves the spouse feeling disenfranchised with the marriage and either leads to an affair or a divorce or both.

Of course, just because it’s a common reason for divorce, doesn’t mean that it’s your reason. Your situation may or may not fall into one of these categories.

In some cases, those who begin to wonder, “what went wrong,” will also find themselves wondering what they can do to save their marriage. When in this situation, one might find it useful to consider the reasons for a divorce in Arizona and what can be done to decrease the amount of hurt and anger associated with the divorce process. Some of the most basic actions you can take if you are interested in saving your marriage include: avoid blaming problems on others (your partner, your in-laws, your marriage counselor, etc.). You should never act contemptuous or vengeful, do not try to “get the kids on your side,” and don’t talk badly about your partner.
Reasons for Divorce in Arizona
Of course, in some instances, the best move to save a marriage is to get professional help. Many marriages can benefit from marriage counseling. A good marriage counselor can help a struggling couple to learn the necessary skills and tools to improve their relationship and ultimately the reasons for a divorce in Arizona. Many ask when they know that it’s time to turn to counseling…a good rule of thumb is whenever one or both of you think it’s necessary.

There are countless reasons couples decide that a divorce is necessary to enable that person to have a happy and fulfilled life. When we have a client, who is considering a divorce we always ask them if they are happy. If the answer is no, we ask them why to determine if it is something that can be addressed and fixed, so we can save marriages that are worth saving. If not, we are here to help transition from an unhealthy marriage to a healthier and happier new life.

If you have additional questions regarding the divorce process or whether a divorce is the best option for you, please contact one of our Arizona family law attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC.