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Save the Family

Save the Family is a fantastic Arizona Non-Profit organization that provides a new beginning for families. Many of the clients Save the Family serves victims of domestic violence who often flee their homes with the clothes on their back and their children. Some of these parents have nobody to rely upon and end up in shelters. Although shelters in Arizona prioritize taking in parents with children, the parents and children have very few options to become self-sufficient or receive the counseling and guidance they so desperately need.

That is where Save the Family steps in! They transition these parents and children by providing them with secure housing, clothing, food, counseling for the parents and children, activities and toys for the children, vocational and job training for parents and a network of companies who provide jobs and a foundation for these families to be self supportive within eight months of successfully completing their very thorough program.

Our Charities.

Our Charities.

They also provide a legal clinic where lawyers and paralegals guide them in filing the necessary court documents and walk them through the process of obtaining a divorce or establishing child custody, child support, and alimony payments necessary to ensure these parents can raise their children in a non-violent and peaceful household.

We hope you will support this great non-profit organization by donating to Save the Family today!

Hildebrand Law, PC At The 2015 Wipeout Run in Support of Save the Family

We had a great time at the 2015 Hildebrand Law, PC Wipeout Run held at Westworld of Scottsdale raising money for Save the Family. Save the Family provides food clothing, housing, counseling, vocational assistance and more to homeless families and veterans. We hope you will help us to continue to raise money for this incredible charity by clicking on the Donate Today button.

Wounded Warrior Project

Our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers have sacrificed greatly to preserve and protect our liberties and the principles upon which our country, freedom, and our way of life are founded. These are the men and women who do not make decisions regarding where or when they fight but only say “yes sir” and run toward gunfire, explosives, and the most unimaginable violence that no human being should be exposed to.

They do it every day! They do it because they love their country, they believe that good prevails over evil, and they bravely live the adage of “if not me, then who. If not now, then when”!

Unfortunately, many of these brave men and women come home with physical and psychological injuries that the Veterans Administration is either unable or unwilling to address adequately. These are OUR sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. We enjoy the benefits of the protections these brave service members provide to us . . . We have a corresponding obligation to step up and show our appreciation by donating to The Wounded Warriors Project!

The people at Hildebrand Law, PC dedicate our time, money, and other resources to support our local community. Many great charities are making a difference in the lives of the people they serve, and for that, we give our sincere and warm “Thank You”! We hope you offer your time, money, or other resources to make our families stronger!

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