Orders of Protection in Arizona

Arizona Orders of Protection

An order of protection in Arizona is an official legal document that is signed by a judge. It is filed against a current or former family member or household member, etc. The order of protection is used to force the specified individual to keep a distance. Its purpose is to prevent abusive behavior, and it is enforceable by law enforcement. The order of protection requires that the abuser stay away from you and limits various forms of access: phone calls, texting, email, mail, fax, third parties, etc. It can require the abuser to move out of the shared home. If the abuser violates the order of protection after it is in place and has been served, the abuser can be arrested and put in jail.

Orders of Protection in Arizona.

Orders of Protection in Arizona.

Orders of Protection AZ | Top 3 Reasons to Get an Order of Protection

  • Allows You to Define Your Safety Needs with Approval from the Court
  • Ability to Request Protective Order for Your Children
  • Allows You to Request “No Contact” Orders

Once you have an Order of Protection, you should always keep a copy with you. Make multiple copies of the document and carry one with you at all times. Keep one in obvious places where you spend a lot of time such as your vehicle, your home, your workplace, etc. Keeping a copy of the order with you at all times is of particular importance if you have children and there are custody/visitation limitations, etc.

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