Order of Protection in Arizona

Arizona Order of Protection

If you are considering leaving an abusive marriage, you should immediately contact an attorney with experience in cases involving domestic violence issues. Domestic violence is about control. Specifically, the abusers desire to control the abused spouse through physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse. When faced with a divorce, an abusive spouse may feel he or she has now lost that control, which may lead to an escalation in the abusive behaviors.

If you or your children are in danger, obtain an order or protection, sometimes referred to as a restraining order, before you leave.

order of protection and visitation.

order of protection and visitation.

Make plans – have somewhere to go. There are many local shelters, or you can stay with a friend or family member, or rent a home or apartment. Wherever you choose to go, do not inform your spouse where you have moved.

Take copies of all your important documents with you when you leave including driver’s license, birth certificates, social security cards, health insurance identification cards, deeds to property owned, passports, bank account information, money and credit cards, etc.

Physical and digital copies of any restraining orders or orders of protection you have in place against your spouse.

Necessary clothing and personal items.

If you are moving into a home, make sure to make it safe by installing exterior lighting and a home security system. It is also a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get to know them, so they can let you know if they see anyone on your property, etc.

Forward your mail to a post office box rather than your actual residence to provide additional protection for the location of your new home.

Inform your child’s teachers of the problem and ask to be notified if your spouse shows up on school grounds. Provide the school with appropriate documentation and copies of any court documents.

If you don’t already have one, get a cell phone. Do not give the number to your spouse or anyone who may give it to them.

Make your close family and friends aware of the situation, so that a support system surrounds you.

This is your exit plan. You could be ready to take your first steps out of an abusive marriage. If you need help with the first phase of obtaining legal protection from your abuser by getting an Order of Protection, contact the experienced family law attorneys at Hildebrand Law, PC  at (480)305-8300.