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Child Custody Lawyers in Arizona | Child Support and Paternity

If you are dealing with a situation concerning child support, it is often highly advisable to seek child custody lawyers Arizona trusts to ensure your goals are met with compassion and diligence. When it comes to matters of child support and paternity, you may need child custody lawyers Arizona parents turn to on your side in order to protect your child’s best interests.

The issue of child custody is often one of the most critical to our clients, which means it holds a significant amount of importance to us. For parents, spending time with their children is crucial, and they should be allowed the appropriate time with their kids to ensure they are providing adequate guidance and direction. ]

In regards to child custody, a court of law often decides whether one parent will be granted sole legal custody, or whether the parties will share joint custody. In child custody cases, the issue of paternity often arises.

Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Hildebrand Law, PC | Voted Best of Our Valley in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Choosing a Child Custody Lawyer

Sometimes, the question of paternity is complex, sensitive, and confusing, and we understand this. This is a common concern for many of our clients. The type of experienced child custody lawyers Arizona residents should look for understands the sensitivity of these issues, and handle each unique case with customized attention. You can be confident that you are in good hands at Hildebrand Law, PC.

The different terms for paternity under the law are discussed below. We understand that the information presented is broad and that you may have more detailed questions and concerned about your specific case. Child custody lawyers in Arizona are here to help you at Hildebrand Law, PC with child support and paternity related issues. Please call today to schedule your consultation at (480)305-8300 so you can meet with a child support lawyer from our firm who can answer any and all of your questions.

Acknowledged Father

Child Custody Lawyers Arizona.

Child Custody Lawyers Arizona.

Some of the top child custody lawyers Arizona residents deserve may tell you that an acknowledged father occurs in situations when the parents are not married. In this case, the paternity is established by the agreement of the parents or the admission of the father.

If you are an acknowledged father, you may be required to pay child support. Arizona child custody lawyers at Hildebrand Law, PC have our clients’ best interests in mind always, and it is our top goal to ensure a successful outcome. Whether or not your specific situation deals with the issue of the acknowledged father, talk to us about how we may be able to help you.

Alleged Father

This is also a case in which the parents of the child are not married. The father, in this case, is called alleged or even unwed father. An alleged father may be required to pay child support if they’re acknowledged paternity to the court. Additionally, they may be able to seek custody or visitation rights.

If you are an alleged father, you may be best served by hiring child custody lawyers Arizona fathers would recommend to help negotiate your rights to your child. When many of our clients seek legal help from us, they are often not aware of the legal aspects related to paternity, and we understand this information is likely new to you as well. The top child custody lawyers Arizona has to offer can be found by calling (480)305-8300 and speaking with our legal team at Hildebrand Law, PC.

Equitable Parent

An equitable parent status may occur in situations where one spouse isn’t a legal parent of the child. In this case, a legal parent means an adoptive or biological parent. An equitable parent is one that has been acting as a parent to the child and the biological parent encouraged this relationship.

As an equitable parent, if you’re granted visitation or custody of the child, then you may also have to pay child support. In this case, it may be in your best interest to work with Arizona child custody lawyers to protect your interests and the rights of your family. If you are looking for child custody lawyers Arizona is proud to have to represent its community, call Hildebrand Law, PC. We strive to hold ourselves to a high caliber and be the best advocates possible for our clients. Our lawyers are seasoned in dealing with equitable parent situations, so please contact us if you feel your case is along these lines.

Presumed Father

Arizona Child Custody Lawyers.

Arizona Child Custody Lawyers.

There are some presumptions that are made that determine that the man is indeed the father of the child. It is often advisable to reach out to child custody lawyers in Arizona if you are dealing with issues such as this, or if you would like to inquire to see what paternal class your situation fits into.

If any of the below conditions are true, you may be considered a presumed father in a court of law:

  • You were married to the mother when the child or children was conceived or born.
  • You married the mother of the child after the child was born and either put your name on the birth certificate or agreed to help support the child.
  • You openly acknowledged the child as your own and welcomed them into your home.

A presumed father may be required to pay child support. If you want to argue against being the father of the child, you may need to hire child custody lawyers Arizona respects to help you fight this status. In some states, presumed paternity can’t be overturned, even with blood tests.

There are four ways that paternity can be established in the state of Arizona. A voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity can be filed in three ways/places:

  • Court of law
  • Arizona Department of Economic Security
  • Hospital/Arizona Department of Health Services when the child is born

A paternity action can also be filed with the court, and the judge that is assigned to your case can issue a Declaratory Judgment of Paternity.

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