How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona?

 Calculating Child Support in Arizona

Child support is calculated using the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. Those guidelines are modified periodically, so you need to ensure you are referring to the most current version of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines when calculating child support. There are many Arizona child support calculators available on the Internet, so be sure the calculator you are using is based upon the current version of the child support guidelines.

How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona?

How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona?

The court will consider the incomes of the parties, whether one or both parents are supporting another child, the cost of daycare and health insurance for the child and the amount of parenting time each parent is spending with the children. Once established, child support may be modified and enforced.

The Arizona Child Support Guidelines permits a judge to deviate the child support amount either up or down if the court finds it is in the children’s bests interest to do so.  The court, however, is required to state the amount child support would have been absent the deviation and reasons why the deviation is in the children’s best interests.  The Arizona Court of Appeals in the case of Stein v. Stein discussed the requirements necessary when deviating from the child support guidelines.

If you are interested as to whether debts impact the establishment, modification of child support, or the enforcement of a child support order by contempt proceeding, you should read our summary of the Arizona Court of Appeals decision in the Jorgensen v. Jorgensen case on the relationship between child support and debt in Arizona.

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