How Can I Establish Paternity in Arizona?

It is important to note that in Arizona it does not matter how paternity is established, as long as it is done so legally. The three most common ways to establish paternity in Arizona are to (1) voluntarily establishment; (2) administratively; or (3) by court action. So long as paternity is legally established in one of these three methods, the father will have all the rights and responsibilities concerning his child(ren).

If you are not sure if you are the father of a child, you should ask the court to issue an order requiring both parties and the child participate in a DNA test. If the result of that DNA test shows your probability of paternity to by at least 95%, the court will presume you are the biological father of the child. You then have the burden of proving you are not the father of the child. If you do not prove you are not the father of the child, the court will enter a Declaratory Judgment establishing you as the father of the child.
How Can I Establish Paternity in Arizona

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