Guide to Divorce for Men in Arizona

Our Scottsdale divorce attorneys understand many men are unexpectedly hurdled into an Arizona divorce case when their wives unilaterally choose to file for divorce. We wanted to provide a guide for divorce for men in Arizona to help those in need of information on the Arizona divorce process. In many cases, divorce is a choice made by one person in a partnership. It is not very often a couple sits down and discusses their problems with the idea that they will share a mutual desire for a divorce. Most of the time, one spouse is left worrying and struggling with the consequences of the other spouse’s decision to end the marriage. It is not easy to deal with a loved one’s decision to exit a marriage when you thought it believe the marriage is worth saving. It can be a huge blow that throws off the emotional balance of one or both spouses. Sometimes the person who wishes to file for divorce is the husband, but sometimes the wife makes the unilateral decision to end the marriage.

When a husband is blindsided by an unexpected divorce they often experience sleepless nights, often fear the consequences of how frequently they will spend time with their children, become concerned they will not be dealt with fairly by the legal system, and may assume the court will favor their spouse as the mother of the children.

Divorce can be a horrible situation for both men and women, but today we are going to offer a step by step guide for men dealing with the divorce process in Arizona.

Guide to Divorce for Men in AZ | What You Need to Do

Step 1: Cope with Any Emotional Issues

A divorce in Arizona is a legal process, and as such, it is best to keep all negative emotions out of it. Having said that, it is almost impossible keep negative emotions out of the divorce if you do not deal with your issues. One of the most important things men dealing with an Arizona divorce can do is to deal with their emotional problems outside of the legal process. Function with a clear head and let logic be your guide. Do not allow not anger or fear or loss control your conduct.

Step 2: Get a Divorce Attorney

In many instances, men who did not want a divorce in the first place will put off obtaining legal representation. Do not procrastinate or avoid obtaining an experienced Arizona divorce attorney. You have a lot to think about, but you also have a lot to protect. Having a good divorce attorney working to protect your rights is your best move.

Step 3: Protect Your Legal Decision Making Rights During Divorce

In some cases, depending on the situation and the judge at hand, it may seem the family court system is biased when it comes to the children of divorcing couples. In todays divorce climate, fathers who are willing to go the extra mile are actually gaining more time with their children in Arizona divorce case. In more and more situations, the final divorce decree is including a 50/50 legal decision making and parenting time arrangement. More fathers are also being awarded sole legal decision making for their children as well in certain circumstances.

Step 4: Be Aware of the Basic Steps Involved in the Divorce Process

Every state has its own rules of procedure for divorce and child custody cases. Your Arizona divorce attorney can take you through the basic divorce process so you are aware of what to expect and how best to strategize to obtain the best possible outcome. This knowledge will help you to respond more appropriately and handle the stresses of divorce in a healthier manner.

Step 5: Consider the Division of Marital Assets

During the divorce, the court will determine if property is marital or non-marital. This is a very important distinction as it will be the deciding factor when it comes to the division of the “marital” assets. It can be a complicated process, but be aware of the general possibilities beforehand by discussing it with your Arizona divorce lawyer.