Tips for Finding the Best Arizona Divorce Attorney

For Your Arizona Divorce

Many people searching for a family law attorney have no idea where to turn for advice on how to find the best family law attorney for their case. Some of the more common things you can do to locate the best divorce and family law lawyer for your case include asking friends and trusted business associates for several referrals to attorneys with whom they have personal knowledge or experience with the law firm’s family law practice. Additionally, you may research divorce and family law attorneys by scouring the Internet and reviewing the information provided by the attorney on his or her website.

There are several points you should consider when evaluating which Arizona divorce lawyer is best for your case. The personality of the attorney will, perhaps, be the easiest factor to assess as most lawyers will demonstrate his or her personality by his physical mannerisms, choice of language, and tone during your initial meeting. Although some clients believe they should hire the most aggressive or most argumentative attorney they can find, I would strongly encourage you to reconsider that strategy.

Judge’s respect lawyers who have a strong command of the facts of their client’s case and presents the evidence in an organized and persuasive manner to establish those facts demonstrate a thorough understanding of the laws that apply to the case and presents his or her client’s case in a professional and dignified manner. Remember, your attorney represents you and being represented by a hyper aggressive and unprofessional attorney may cause a lot of harm to you.

Best Arizona Divorce Attorneys | What You Should Be Asking

You should also ask any potential family law attorney questions regarding the length of time he or she has been practicing law and the percentage of his or her cases devoted to family law matters. By asking these questions, you are trying to determine whether the attorney has a thorough knowledge of Arizona divorce laws and has enough experience in court to understand how to organize the presentation of your case and present evidence through the questioning of witnesses and the introduction of exhibits at trial.

However, the answers to these questions will not guarantee you are speaking to the best divorce lawyer for you. I have practiced divorce and family law in Arizona for more than twenty years, and I have witnessed great young lawyers who have represented their clients very well, and I have seen lawyers with a significant amount of experience who were unprepared to present their case or had a flawed understanding of Arizona divorce laws.

I believe the best way to find the best Arizona divorce lawyer for your case is to ask the attorney to explain the specific legislation that applies to each issue in your case (i.e., child custody, alimony, child support, etc.). He or she should explain to you why the facts of your case will provide the result the attorney believes will occur in your case, and provide a detailed discussion regarding what the attorney will do to prepare your case for trial.

These types of questions force the attorney to reveal his knowledge, or lack thereof, of the applicable Arizona divorce laws and to organize his or her thoughts regarding the application of those rules to the facts of your case. If the attorney’s answers don’t persuade you, your judge will likely be equally unimpressed.

I have personally noticed that the Arizona divorce lawyers who I consider to be real advocates for their clients all have very well staffed offices with excellent employees (i.e., paralegals, legal secretaries, etc.). Correspondingly, I have had many cases with lawyers who were very disorganized and unpersuasive who it turns out to have no office staff, very few supporting staff, or very inexperienced staff. You should, therefore, ask any prospective attorney about the office staff in his or her office and the experience of those team members.

We have all heard the adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. No truism applies better to build a great family law case than that age adage. The attorneys at Hildebrand Law PC all implement the same practice model for every new client who retains our law firm. Specifically, the attorney and his or her paralegal immediately schedule a lengthy meeting with our clients to thoroughly discuss every relevant issue, to thoroughly discuss the law that applies to each issue, and a thorough interview with each client to learn all salient facts that will impact the judge’s ruling on these matters.

During this same meeting, we establish a specific strategy and plan to either settle the case or prepare the case for trial. Each of our clients understands the entire plan and process at the beginning of his or her case and, as importantly, each client has input and control over the strategy to be implemented in his or her case. The best Arizona divorce attorney for your case is the one with whom you are most comfortable, who has sufficient knowledge and experience to be a persuasive advocate for you, and who has processes, procedures, and excellent office staff in place to competently manage your matter.