Family Lawyers Phoenix AZ

If you are dealing with a child custody battle, you may want to consult with family lawyers Phoenix AZ respects from Hildebrand Law, PC. Our lawyers have been helping parents make custody agreements for years and we are ready to assist you. With our experienced family lawyers in Phoenix AZ on your side, you can feel confident in knowing that your matter is being handled confidentially.
Family Lawyers Phoenix AZ
While each case is inherently unique, we believe it’s important for our clients to know about different options for obtaining custody. Here are three of the more common types of custody that our clients have sought:

  • Sole Custody

In some cases, a judge may award sole custody of a child to one parent. This usually occurs if the other parent is found unfit to care for the child, especially if drug, alcohol, or financial problems are present. If one parent is living with a partner who is considered unfit to take care of the child, the other parent may likely be given sole custody. If you believe your ex-spouse is unfit to look after your child, you may want to have experienced family lawyers Phoenix AZ trusts help you fight for sole custody.

  • Joint Custody

When both parents are fit to take care of a child, family lawyers Phoenix AZ counts on may help them achieve joint custody. In this situation, parents usually rotate weeks or months with the child. If one parent lives far away, the child could stay primarily with the other parent and only have visits on weekends.

One of the greatest benefits of joint custody is that the child gets to have a consistent relationship with both parents. This custody arrangement can also make taking care of a child less burdensome for both parents.

  • Legal Custody

Family Lawyers Phoenix AZ
If a parent gets legal custody of a child, he or she has the legal right to make all legal decisions in the child’s life. This parent can decide where the child goes to school, what kind of medical care the child will receive, and other important financial matters. Many states award joint legal custody to parents. If you are in a joint legal custody arrangement, your ex-spouse is not allowed to make major decisions about your child without your consent or input.

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Dealing with a child custody case is not always easy. It can get complicated and cause a lot of stress. The reputable family lawyers Phoenix AZ relies on from Hildebrand Law, PC may help you through even the most complex custody battle.

We understand how emotionally draining child custody battles can be. That is why we want to help you the best way we know how. We can review your case at no charge, and address all your questions and concerns, in a free case evaluation.

Do not wait to hire a lawyer to help you with your child custody case. To speak with a trusted team of family lawyers Phoenix AZ parents can depend on, contact Hildebrand Law, PC at (480) 305-8300.