Family Lawyer Phoenix AZ.

Family Lawyer Phoenix AZ.

Family Lawyer Phoenix AZ

When you are dealing with legal issues that involve divorce, child custody, or other family law issues, you need a skilled family lawyer Phoenix AZ residents trust to help you navigate a complex and often stressful legal process. Each Phoenix family lawyer at Hildebrand Law, PC has extensive experience in helping clients obtain the best possible outcome for the legal issues they are facing. Our attorneys work diligently to make sure the rights of our clients are protected.

Arizona Divorce Law

If you are ending your marriage, it can be helpful to talk with a family lawyer Phoenix AZ spouses depend on to find out what type of divorce process you may be facing. Although the state of Arizona is a no-fault divorce state – meaning that neither spouse has to be “at fault” in order to obtain the divorce – there are other issues that need to be negotiated whenever there is a dissolution of a marriage.

Division of Assets and Spousal Support

Family Lawyer in Arizona.

Family Lawyer in Arizona.

When couples are divorcing, they need to decide how their assets and property will be divided. This can include the family home, vehicles, furniture, and other household items, saving and checking accounts, pensions, and retirement accounts. Not only do decisions have to be made about the couple’s assets, they also need to decide how their debts will be divided between them.

In addition to dividing the marital estate, a family lawyer Phoenix AZ locals recommend can help determine whether or not you will be entitled to, or responsible for, spousal support. He or she can also help with medical insurance issues if one spouse has been covered under the other spouse’s plan.

Arizona Child Custody

One of the most contentious issues that divorcing couples have to deal with is child custody. There are also unmarried couples who have children together, then split up and find themselves in front of an Arizona family court judge to determine child custody and child support obligations.

In Arizona, just like in other states, a judge will make custody decisions based on the best interests of the child. That decision is usually determined by examining several factors, including:

  • What are the child’s wishes?
  • What are the parents’ wishes?
  • What is the emotional and physical health of both parents?
  • Has one parent been the primary caretaker of the child?
  • Where has the child lived, gone to school, and been a community member?
  • What is the child’s relationship with each parent?
  • Is each parent willing to encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent?
  • Is there a history of domestic violence?
  • Is there a history of drug or alcohol abuse?
Family Lawyer Arizona.

Family Lawyer Arizona.

In most child custody cases, the judge will determine which parent or parents will have physical custody and which parent or parents will have legal custody. Physical custody means where the child will primarily reside, and legal custody means overseeing the decisions regarding the child’s medical needs, education, religion, and other important decisions which affect the child’s life.

Child support payments are also usually determined when custody is awarded. Very often the parent who the child will be spending the majority of time with is the parent who will receive financial support from the other parent. There are exceptions to this rule, however, and your family lawyer can address the specifics of your circumstances with you.

Let a Family Lawyer Phoenix AZ Parents Depend on Help You

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