What is a Family Law Master in an Arizona Divorce Case?

The court may appoint a Family Law Master in your case. A Family Law Master is an individual with experience and expertise in a particular area. For example, you may have very complex financial holdings and other assets. The court could appoint a Certified Public Accountant as a Family Law Master on your case to value and propose a fair division of those assets.
What is a Family Law Master in an Arizona Divorce Case
That Family Law Master will look at all of the relevant financial documents, listen to the parties and their witnesses, and then issue a report containing recommendations on how to divide those assets. The parties retain the right to object to the report and recommendations of the Family Law Master, in which case the court will hold a trial on the issues.

As another example, the Court may appoint a Family Law Master to rule upon the value of a business. Both parties are provided an opportunity to present evidence to the Family Law Master and present arguments supporting their respective positions regarding the value of that business. After the court receives that recommendation, the judge will often accept it as an order of the court, unless either party files an objection.

If either party files an objection, the court will set a trial on the issue and, after that, issue a ruling on that matter. The court may accept, modify, or completely disregard the recommendations of the Family Law Master and issue entirely different orders.

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