Effective Co Parenting In Arizona

If you are part of a blended family, you know that being a stepparent can be difficult. It can also be extremely rewarding, but it takes concentrated effort. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider these tips from veteran stepparents who managed to not only survive, but to create a place the whole blended family felt comfortable calling home.

Effective Co Parenting | 5 Tips and Strategies

5 Tips on Surviving Step-Parenthood:

Be patient. Don’t expect your stepchild to fall in love with you immediately. They may even tell you that they hate you. Give them time to adjust.
Give them space. Your stepchild will need time to adjust, but they’ll also need space. Make sure that your stepchild has a place when they are at your house. If possible, give each of them their own space just like they have at their “other” home.
Make sure you and your spouse are in it together. There’s nothing that will stop your efforts to make things work more quickly than not being on the same page with your spouse. Know what types of discipline you both agree on. Discuss bedtimes and manners to be used in the home, etc.
Make new traditions. When it comes to a blended family and creating a home for your stepchildren, there’s a lot of change. But there is no rule that requires that all the changes be negative. Make some new traditions. Use the time you have together as a family to make your own traditions. They’ll be changes, but they’ll be positive and fun and possibly definitive for your new family.
Never forget – you are not their mom or dad. Your stepchildren live in your home; it’s their home, too. You married their mom or dad, but you are not their mom or dad. You are busting in on what they thought was their complete family. They don’t want a replacement of what they already have. Give them breathing room to get comfortable with your presence first. Then do your best to get to know them better; learn about their interests. You don’t need to be their mom or dad. You can be a friend, a role model, a peace keeper, etc. Just don’t try to replace mom or dad and you’ll eventually find your place.

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