What Effect Does the Standard of Living Have upon Alimony in Arizona?

The court will consider the standard of living established during the parties’ marriage. For example, the court will consider the size, location, and monthly costs associated with the home in which the parties’ lived during their marriage. The court will examine the types of cars the parties’ drove during their marriage, as well as the clothing and jewelry and other items they purchased during their marriage.

The court will consider the types of vacations and other entertainment the parties’ enjoyed during their marriage, as well as a myriad of other facts that establish the standard of living the parties’ experienced.  This is not to say the court will make a spousal maintenance award to keep the spouse receiving spousal maintenance at that same standard of living.
What Effect Does Standard of Living Have Upon Alimony in Arizona
It is only one of several factors the court considers in balancing against all of the other factors the court must take into account. The reason this factor is influential, yet not controlling, in determining the amount of alimony in Arizona is because in most cases the goal is to provide an amount of spousal maintenance for such amount and duration to permit that spouse to seek additional education, training, and experience to be able to be financially self-supportive (i.e., a rehabilitative award).

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